Friday, October 28th

Travis comes home to find Vikki getting the kids ready for Halloween. An excited Johnny runs straight past Travis to leap into Daddy’s arms, Katie close behind.

Returning to the office, Jack reports that Travis was following him – shoulda seen his face when he opened an envelope of blank pages. How did Phyllis’ exchange go with Fielding? He’s nervous – it’s probably the last time he’ll pass information to us, she figures. Reading a folder from the briefcase, Jack declares it exactly what they need to dig Victor’s grave.

In Victor’s office, Abby’s told Summer that she saw the exchange between Fielding and Phyllis. Summer can’t believe her Mom’s that stupid. How will Grandpa act? Abby’s not sure and needs to figure out how to tell him before he gets back from his business trip. On cue, Victor walks in to say he never left town (surprising both ladies)

An orderly catches Patty trying to sneak into the doctor’s office. She needs to chat because she won’t be here much longer.

As Sharon gushes over Sully in his pumpkin costume, Dylan comes home to say he couldn’t find Nick. Oh – you didn’t get my text? Chelsea figured out where Nick is.

In Underground’s office, Nick’s throwing things around – flashing back to Sage. Not now! he barks when Chelsea enters – Go!

Chelsea picks up a broken ‘Best Dad Ever’ mug – she knows how hard this day is. Nick lashes out – he didn’t ‘lose’ his son – he’s DEAD. Everyone I was supposed to protect is gone; Cassie, Sage, Christian … I don’t want to talk to you. OK – fine, Chelsea hands Nick a framed photo of him and Faith. Break everything. Then I’ll clean up. People are worried about you. *I* was worried about you.

Dressed as the Statue of Liberty, Faith guesses her Dad’s sad – let’s go to his house. Sharon thinks it best to let Nick have some time. He WILL get past this, she vows – as she watches Dylan holding Sully.

Looking very much at home, Billy announces that he’s there for traditional trick or treating with the kids. As he takes them into the kitchen, Vikki busts Travis on taking Abby to lunch (to get her to incriminate herself?)

After Summer leaves, Abby has something to tell her Dad but fears his reaction could put him back in prison. Curtis Fielding is the leak – she saw him and Phyllis exchange briefcases at the club. They didn’t see me – they don’t know we know. Victor’s not surprised – he knew Fielding was leaking info to Jack.

Back at Jabot, a wide-eyed Jack and Phyllis read that Victor’s using company funds to invest in gold and personal real estate investments. The IRS will find tax evasion too no doubt. Jack wants to get this to GC Buzz immediately while Victor’s still reeling from the first punch. He’ll never see this coming.

Travis thinks Abby, Jack’s niece, may be working against Victor. Vikki disagrees – my Father asked you not to go there, yet you ply Abby with champagne in hopes of a confession. Billy returns with the kids to note that Travis looks a little pale. The kids want Travis to come trick or treating too. You do look like a ghost, Billy quips.