Friday, October 28th

There’s a lot of complicated material here to go over, Phyllis doesn’t want to make any mistakes. OK, Jack will go get food and coffee from CL’s. Phyllis is left hopeful (Jack remembered how she takes her coffee)

Dylan sends Sharon ahead with the kids – he has something to take care of but will catch up. He’s left to think about Patty talking to Sharon about her precious baby.

Chelsea steps back into the office – don’t throw this one, it’s hot (coffee) Nick doesn’t want her to see him like this. He then confides his grief – I miss my wife and son so much. Understanding, Chelsea takes a seat beside Nick.

Victor tells Abby that he allowed Fielding to think he was getting away with this betrayal – and he was testing Travis (a test he failed) While Travis was disobeying instructions not to go after the family, Abby found out who leaked what to whom. That shows good instinct (Victor is proud of Abby)

Waiting for his order at CL’s, Jack gushes over Johnny and Katie (who Ester takes off for treats) That leaves Jack to snipe at Billy then Travis (find what you were looking for in the trash?) Getting a call, Travis is summoned away. When Ester lists off Jack’s order (packed to go) Billy recognizes it as what Phyllis orders.

Summer barges into Phyllis’ office – you don’t have to hide your work – I know you’re the one leaking Newman info. Phyllis isn’t trying to take Victor down. She’s pretending to help Jack find closure (until she finds a way to make him realize this isn’t who he is) So you’re lying to him again, Summer concludes.

Visiting Patty, Dylan doesn’t get much out of her (on what she and Sharon talked about or why she thinks she’s getting out) Forget about what happened in Fairview, concentrate on getting better and leave Sharon alone, he concludes. As Dylan gets to the door, Patty blurts out ‘secrets and lies’ that’s what your wife and I were talking about.

Dylan’s back in the chair across from Patty – if there’s something you want to tell me, just tell me! I just want my wife to be at peace. Help me understand what’s upsetting Sharon. Patty’s sorry – I don’t want to hurt you. The orderly then brings in her meds – no, they can’t wait. As the orderly shows Dylan out, Patty spits out and hides her meds.

Nick should be enjoying Halloween with Faith but he can’t shake the sadness – can’t pretend everything’s OK. Chelsea’s amazed that Nick even thought he could do that. You’re allowed to have a bad day – there’s no time limit on your grief. Nick’s not sure he’ll ever find peace again.

Phyllis must stop Jack from going down the destructive path he’s on. He’s going to find out, Summer reminds that lies worked out so well the last time. Phyllis must save Jack. Summer can’t stand by and watch it all blow up in her Mom’s face. OK – she promises not to say anything but prays her Mom knows what she’s doing.