Friday, October 28th

Abby wonders why Victor didn’t cut Fielding off before he passed more documents to Phyllis (who’ll leak them to the press) Oh wait – you’re setting up Jack, Phyllis – and GC Buzz. Yes, my darling (Victor all but twirls his mustache) – it’s called running the table. Travis arrives to ask when Victor got back. With a smug smile and a kiss for Daddy, Abby leaves.

Nick talks about his good relationship with Sharon, Mariah, Faith – but he didn’t expect to bond so closely with Sully. It made Sharon uncomfortable – she asked me to leave. That hurt. Nick thought that if he acted normal and smiled enough it’d get easier. But it hurts as much as the day I lost him. Without speaking, Chelsea gives Nick a hug.

Dylan joins Sharon and the kids on the CL’s patio. Yes, everything’s OK at work, he lies.

After a great time with the kids, Billy’s left smiling at CL’s when Vikki packs up the kids and takes them home.

Everything looks legit – Jack thinks it time to make copies and get it out there. Wait, Phyllis says.

When Victor announces that he’s known the mole is Fielding for over a week, Travis realizes he was being tested. Also, Natalie told Victor that Travis was digging for dirt on the family. That was a mistake. Meanwhile, Abby found out who was leaking what to whom. We’ll take it from here. Victor gave Travis a chance and he blew it. He can’t deal with someone he can’t fully trust.

Phyllis wants to delay releasing this information – let’s use it when it’s optimal. We’re in a chess match – let’s not put our queen into play too soon. Jack made that mistake before – with Phyllis; he won’t do so again.

Double latte skim, Billy orders. That’s what Phyllis has – Jack ordered one earlier, Ester comments.

Travis comes home to update Vikki that he failed Victor’s test – he dismissed me. That sonofa …. Is my Father. And don’t say I didn’t warn you, Vikki heads up to bed.

Sharon looks troubled as Dylan gushes about Sully (perched on his lap) having a great first Halloween. He has a lot of great firsts planned for his son.

Back at Underground, Nick thanks Chelsea – talking is better than breaking things. Forget cleaning, there’s still time to see Faith. About to leave, Nick gets a call – from Patty; Christian’s alive – Sharon has him. Nick looks stunned.

Next: Apparently there’s a chance that Christian’s alive, Chelsea tells Victor …. So what brought about this change of attitude? the doctor asks. Because there are no more secrets and lies, Patty smiles …. Nick tells Sharon that he got a weird call tonight – from Patty Williams.