Monday, October 31st

On the phone at Underground, Nick’s stunned when Patty insists that Sully is Christian – talk to Sharon ~click~ What just happened? Chelsea asks.

Sully and Faith up in bed, Dylan kisses Sharon and shows her the photos he took. Sully’s priceless. Ben calls from CL’s – he needs to talk. Dylan’s on his way.

AT NE, Victor finds Abby sitting on the floor crying. What’s wrong my baby?

Patty spins around and around in the doctor’s chair – she’s ready to talk (and get better)

Patty said those words? Sully is Christian? Chelsea thinks that sick – and cruel. Forget the call ever happened. Yeah, Nick agrees – but he can’t.

Victor thinks Abby should be on cloud nine – she did great work today. Did Ben hurt you? No – it’s me, Abby hates this day. I should be out trick or treating with my baby. Victor lifts her up – a drink will help.

Sharon’s fine with Dylan going to help his friend – she’ll be here waiting for him to pick up where they left off. Dylan thanks Sharon for his great life – we really have it all. Love you. Love you too.

Chelsea lists why Nick’s not thinking clearly – don’t let Patty get under your skin. Nick needs to address this – Patty said Sharon will confirm it. Maybe Patty’s not lying. It would explain so much; why Sharon was terrified Patty would show up – why she abruptly kicked me out. Nick’s getting to the bottom of this – tonight.

Over drinks in Victor’s dark office, Abby’s given support and sound advice. Don’t call Ben and try again if it’s only out of a sense of guilt.

On the CL’s patio with Dylan, Ben’s also thinking of the Halloween he should be having – trick or treating with Max and the baby. Abby ended it – I moved out. Dylan’s sorry to hear it. Ben saw it coming – sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye than face the truth.

The doctor wonders what brought about Patty’s change in attitude. There are no more secrets, she smiles.

Sharon’s happy when Nick stops by to apologize for not going trick or treating. Faith’s already asleep, she says as she starts to get nervous – more so when Nick reports getting a weird call tonight – from Patty Williams.