Monday, October 31st

Victor gently stops Abby from leaving to talk things out some more. I hate this, she sniffles. How do I do this Dad? Victor knows it’s tough to say goodbye – and it’s hard for him to see her so upset. You’re strong; a Newman. Abby can always come to her Father ~hug~ It all goes away eventually.

Ben tells Dylan how lucky is – I’d do anything to be in your shoes. It wasn’t always like this, Dylan reminds that he lost Chelsea and Connor, then Avery. Things can change when you least expect it.

Now at home, Chelsea looks at a photo of Adam and flashes back to him confiding that he was the Father of Sage’s baby – he bribed a lab tech. He thought it was best at the time. Chelsea grabs her coat and keys.

Sharon rambles about how delusional Patty is – block out whatever she said. Why are you getting so worked up? Nick wonders. Thanks for protecting me (from Patty’s crazy theory that you’ve been raising Christian as Sully) Sharon starts to cry – how do I say this to you? Say what!? Nick presses – tell me Patty’s out of her mind. Sharon can’t – Patty’s telling the truth – Sully’s your baby – Christian’s alive.

Laying on the doctor’s sofa, Patty’s asked about these secrets. She was righting a wrong. No, Dr Anderson didn’t want to help me – she wanted to hurt me – I had to stop her. Yes, it was self-defense. She was afraid I’d tell her secret. Now they all know. Patty wants to talk to someone else now – her brother.

I’m so sorry, Sharon weeps. So you’re saying that’s MY little boy upstairs!? You’ve been pretending all this time? No, I didn’t know – didn’t plan this – Dr Anderson kept me in isolation and convinced me I was pregnant, Sharon explains. After you lost Christian, Dr Anderson put a baby in my arms and said he was mine. She wanted to take something precious from you. When did you know?! Nick wants the truth. Sharon confides the flashes of memory – going to see Patty – having a DNA test done; I wasn’t Sully’s Mother. Sage knew – she confronted me – she was on her way to tell you when she lost control of her car. You were following her! Nick realizes. Stop saying sorry! You lived this lie instead of coming to me! This is the second time you’ve kept a child from me. Dylan doesn’t know!? Congratulations, you fooled everyone. Dylan loves that little boy, Sharon whimpers. So do I! Nick marches upstairs – he doesn’t want his kids in this house.

Chelsea shows up at Victor’s office to update that according to Patty, Christian’s alive. She called Nick tonight to say that Sully is Christian. We both know that Christian wasn’t Nick’s son – he’s Adam’s. What do we do?

Spotting Ben on the patio, Abby’s about to leave CL’s when he hops up – don’t go. How are you? she forces a smile. Ben’s not doing so great. Neither is Abby. Taking a seat they agree that Dylan and Sharon are lucky – and both have regrets. But Abby can’t pretend they can fix things. It’s time we file for divorce.