Monday, October 31st

If the child is alive, Nick should raise him as his own, Victor decides. What would Adam want? He’d agree, Chelsea admits – but is it fair to Dylan (who’s raised him for a year?) We can’t deprive Nick of the opportunity to be a Dad again, Victor maintains.

As Nick holds Sully (upstairs), Sharon talks of how she couldn’t devastate Dylan. Nick feels terrible for him, but he’ll have to accept the truth. OK, but let him hear it from me – give us one more night, Sharon pleads for time to tell Dylan. We’ll deal with this tomorrow. Coming home, Dylan calls out to Sharon – you won’t believe what Stitch is going through. One night, Sharon hisses at Nick.

Ben and Abby agree that they can’t make each other happy – both deserve better. Let’s keep it simple – get an arbitrator. I don’t know how to say goodbye to you, Ben chokes up. Then don’t – good night Ben, Abby runs out.

Now alone in the dark, Victor talks to a framed photo of Adam – Christian’s alive – you left a wonderful legacy. You’ll live on in your children. We had our difficulties but I love that your children are with us.

Downstairs, Dylan knows today’s a hard day for Nick. Ignoring him, Nick tells Sharon he’ll be back first thing in the morning. Dylan assumes Nick’s upset about Christian today – but that was strange. Sharon asks Dylan to sit. Why? Because I have to tell you something. I’m so sorry, Sharon repeats. Dylan’s scared – what is it? Sully isn’t your son. Dylan looks understandably stunned.

Next: Paul talks to Mariah at CL’s – Patty told me that Dylan’s going to need me. I don’t know what that means but I think you do … OMG I did the same thing to him, Chelsea murmurs. He took off with Connor, Nick recalls – what if Dylan does the same thing and takes off with my son!? … As Sharon stammers and sniffles, Dylan shouts – whatever it is, just tell me!!