Wednesday, November 9th

As Mariah arrives, Hilary asks sarcastic/rhetorical questions into the camera – how do you not know you didn’t give birth? How do you not tell the baby’s grieving Father? What kind of a Mother could do that? Sharon McAvoy will say she’s a victim but does that give her a free pass?

Turn that damn thing off, Victor mutters as he meets Abby at the office (reading GC Buzz on her phone, her mind’s officially blown) Don’t pay attention to this gossip-monger, Victor says – then claims he only found out about Sharon’s deception last night.

This is incredible, Vikki’s so happy for Nick – and Christian (in her lap at the tackhouse) Poor Dylan though. Nick feels terribly for him – he and Paul suggested shared custody. Nick just wants to focus in his son and keep things quiet. If only Sage was here. Yes, but you’ll be amazing, Vikki passes Christian to his Dad.

What do you think? Hilary asks her viewers. Sharon McAvoy; hapless victim or conniving villain? Arriving at CL’s, Travis was listening to the news on his run. NOW he knows why Vikki left early to see her brother. Oh? She didn’t tell you? Billy quips – I thought you shared everything.

At the club, Ashley wraps up a call with Jack re: Jabot’s great new app when she’s delighted by the arrival of an old friend ~hug~

Lily’s at Brash n Sassy to scold Cane for being at work (which she only knows about because his assistant called) We have to get to your surgery. Cane’s not going – countering Jabot’s new app is more important than his torn ACL. More important than playing with your kids? Taking walks with your wife? Lily implores.

Still at CL’s, Travis claims that he and Vikki don’t keep secrets; prompting Billy to list all the secrets Travis has kept. We’re in a good place, move on, Travis advises. You have no idea, Billy warns that Vikki’s family will always come first – even if you get married. Who said anything about marriage? Vikki and I are in a good place, butt out, Travis leaves Billy smirking.

Vikki talks to Christian as he sleeps in his bassinet – being a Newman means being a Newman forever. Listening, Nick thinks they’ve done OK keeping one foot in the real world. How are things with Travis? Not so good. Dad’s making him jump through hoops to prove his worthiness, Nick guesses. Vikki feels she’s always between the two, or defending one to the other.