Thursday, November 10th

Summer’s at Underground to apologize to Noah for going off on Sharon (but then lists all she did instead of easing Dad’s pain) Noah knows, but she’s in pain too. They’re both victims. That sadistic doctor pumped her full of meds then gave her a baby – my Mom was so happy. But yes, she was wrong and Summer’s right. Noah isn’t sure what he’ll say to his Mom when he sees her.

This isn’t a promotion, it’s an insult, Phyllis isn’t happy about being shipped off to New York. This is Ashley’s doing. We work well together, she asserts to Jack – I’ve respected your boundaries. This is between US and no one else.

My Mom made a mistake but Phyllis has made some of her own, Noah points out. All we can do is love them both no matter what, he and Summer decide. Maybe that’s what you should tell your Mom, Summer suggests. As for her Mom and Jack – there’s nothing two people can’t overcome if they’re meant to be together.

As Billy looks out the window, Vikki asks where they were regarding party entertainment. Travis acts so immature, she whines about him basically calling her his Mom. Billy didn’t mean to cause any drama – maybe I should go. No, I want you to stay, Vikki objects.

Upstairs, at the club, Travis knocks on Michelle’s door (which she answers wearing nothing but a smile and a towel)

It’s Jack’s turn to talk – he’s offering Phyllis a job managing people and using her skills. No, this is about what Ashley wants, Phyllis is sure. Yes, she wants you gone, Jack agrees – she doesn’t want to see you trying to seduce me every day. This is what I want; what I need. And with that, Jack initiates a passionate kiss.

Next: You want to go live, on GC Buzz – this is a huge mistake, Mariah warns. I have to do this, Sharon argues … I get the guy. I was that guy. I think you’re being a little hard on him, Billy tells Vikki…. Travis grabs Michelle and kisses her.

My Thoughts: Um, didn’t Travis remain relatively sober while going shot for shot with Billy at Hank’s bar while playing pool a few months ago? Now he gets drunk on a couple of shots at Underground? Noah let him drive home inebriated? MADD members must be super pissed (no pun intended) about how often GC residents get behind the wheel after drinking…. Nice that Noah at least mentioned Marissa today, but he still gives no indication as to why she’s not around (and it seems no one’s noticed or cares) … Odd that he hasn’t visited his beloved Mom, especially since he was a stone’s throw away at the tackhouse … Why is Mariah at GC Buzz being treated like crap by the worst boss ever when she could be back at Underground working for Nick? …. Why did Vikki and Billy have to go back to Brash n Sassy to take Jill’s freak-out call? Couldn’t it have been handled at the club? Jill would have probably calmed down immediately if told Vikki and Billy were having lunch together. Is Natalie the person in town capable of coding an app? Jabot Go basically looks like a cheesy filter. And whatever shade of lipstick Billy applied should be discontinued immediately.