Thursday, November 10th

At the club, Summer whines about Noah defending Sharon as if she’s the victim. Phyllis talks about people making mistakes and wishing they could go back and do things differently.

Back in Jack’s office, Ashley praises him for creating a legacy for the next generation of Abbott’s. Selena thanks them – this story will practically write itself. After she leaves, Jack wonders why Ashley gave him all the credit. Well, we can’t very well tell the truth; that you were too busy leaking fake NE documents to meet with the app developer. Jack knows Ashley wants something. Yes – fire Phyllis!

Michelle’s glad Travis is happy and hopes Vikki knows how lucky she is. I wish you all the best. Likewise, he says. Michelle will be staying at the club for a few more days – in case he wants to have a drink before she leaves GC.

Vikki laughs at the photo Billy’s taken of himself (prettily made up on Jabot’s app) We need to do something like this for Brash n Sassy – but make it more geared to social media. Vikki likes the idea but isn’t sure Billy should call Natalie to do the coding. Off to plan Katie’s birthday party, Vikki invites Billy along.

Noah pours Travis a shot, complains about his grandfather and defends his Mom. It’s more complicated than the press would lead you to believe.

Still at the club, Phyllis tells Summer that she knows Jack sometimes feels the connection. She used to beat him at strip-chess (which Summer doesn’t want to hear about thanks) Phyllis is sure Jack will come around. No, she doesn’t want another man – Jack and I belong together.

You and Phyllis don’t belong together, Ashley demands Jack give her the boot. She wants to reignite old feelings and will do anything to insinuate herself into your life (like the coffee spill incident) Jack’s made it clear to Phyllis that there’s no hope. Ashley hopes he means it.

Noah sympathizes – Victor interfered in his relationship with Marisa (and other members of the family) It must be hard living with Vikki. Travis thought there was mutual respect between him and Victor – but he’s just been testing me (and I flunk every time) And Vikki always takes her Dad’s side. It’s like there’s no escape. Noah thinks his Aunt would be much happier if she broke free from Victor’s influence.

Saying their goodbye’s at Jabot, Phyllis knows Supergirl can be strong for her Dad during this ‘transition’. Barging into Jack’s office, Phyllis was expecting to see Ashley (who asked for these figures) I’m interested in those too, Jack takes a look.

In the hallway, Ashley assumes it’s difficult for Summer (she must see how hard this working situation is on her Mom – as it is on Jack) What Summer sees is how much her Mom loves Jack – she must to put up with all this crap.

Back in the office, Jack praises Phyllis – nice work. Yes, there IS something else. Clean your office out, I’m promoting you. You’ll be heading up a new division – in New York – Congratulations. Phyllis does NOT look happy.

A party planning session at Vikki’s leads to laughter over Johnny being scared of a clown at his birthday. Party pooper Travis marches in – what the hell are you doing here – again!?

What is with you? Travis snarls – always so many reasons to show up. My kids live here, Billy reminds. Vikki invited him over to plan the party – I told you, remember? Travis forgot. That’s what happens when you day-drink, Billy smirks. How many have you had? Vikki asks. Travis has every reason to drink – I’m sick of dealing with your Father and your ex. He slept with his brother’s wife! YOU slept with your bosses wife! Billy retorts. Grabbing her phone, Vikki’s calling a car to take Travis somewhere to sober up – you can’t be around the kids like this. Billy gives him a jaunty salute.