Wednesday, November 16th

Still at the office, Jack vows he’ll never be with Phyllis again. Traci’s not buying it – she wants you back. Jack might be tempted sometimes – that’s why he tried to move her to New York. Traci’s impressed that Phyllis threatened to take half the company. She hopes bridges can be built over the holidays – never say never. Jack’s left to look at the divorce papers (Phyllis has signed, he has not)

No one wants me here, Sharon whines to Chelsea (who gives her a pep talk – Faith and Dylan love you) Nick’s happy you’re here and so am I. Sharon can’t stop thinking of Christian as her son, Sully. Vikki appears to quietly blast Sharon for being a coward. After Vikki quietly has her say, Sharon walks off and all gather to admire Victor’s gift to Katie (a pearl necklace) Getting a text (meet me at the club) Travis tells Vikki that he left Katie’s gift at home – back soon. Jill gets Vikki thinking – why didn’t Travis just wait to give Katie the gift later?

Victor toasts to his grandchildren, those who love them and those who are gone but here in our hearts. Aside, Chelsea tells Dylan that Sharon left. Nick brings Christian over for a hug. Hey buddy – if you ever need anything I’m your guy – happy birthday, Christian. Thanking Nick, Dylan has to go. Nikki stops him to say how proud she is of him. Victor then more than hints to Chelsea that she should take care of Nick and Christian. Meanwhile, Vikki asks Billy to talk some sense into his Mom. What’s wrong?

Arriving at the club, Travis finds that it’s Ashley who sent him the text. Were you planning a quickie with Michelle then going back to the party? Travis made a mistake – he loves Vikki. Ashley warns that Billy will protect Vikki if he thinks she needs it. If you love Vikki, come clean – tell her or I will, Ashley’s not making an idle threat.

Traci and Ashley hug in the club’s dining room – then chat about Jack and Phyllis.

Picking up a file in Jack’s office, Phyllis appreciates Traci’s generous spirit – we’re a better team together. Jack’s off to the cabin to spend the holiday with his family. You can do whatever you want. Have a nice holiday, he says as he walks out.