Wednesday, November 16th

Billy and Vikki chat about how well they co-parent and work together. He just wants her to be happy ~hug~ Am I interrupting something? Jill appears. After Vikki goes to load up the gifts, Jill crows to Billy. In the living room, Vikki tells her parents that Travis had to take care of something. Abby takes Faith to the stables and Chelsea rejoins Nick and Christian.

Dylan finds Sharon moping at home – he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Sharon only cares what HE thinks – will you ever be able to forgive me? To understand? We should have just run away with Sully. Dylan finally lets loose – he’s Christian! He’s Nick’s son, not ours! Yes, Dr Anderson may have started it but THIS is all your fault! Dylan shouts at Sharon.

Now alone, Victor thinks it was a nice party. Not for Dylan, Nikki’s sad – it’s difficult. He made it more difficult by showing up, Victor thinks Dylan should have stayed home – make a clean break – let go. He’s a big boy, he’ll be OK.

Now calm, Dylan apologizes for taking his pain out on Sharon. Is someone hurt? Faith appears to ask. Christian’s happy, she admits she didn’t want to leave the party – and wants to live with Dad and Christian.

Over beers at the tackhouse with Nick, Chelsea briefly wonders if inviting Dylan and Sharon was the right thing to do (and then it’s back to jokes)

Billy joins Ashley at the club’s bar for a drink (and to express his fear that Vikki’s about to get hurt) It’s not in your head – Travis cheated on Vikki, Ashley blabs.

At home, Vikki wonders why Travis didn’t make it back to the party. Is everything OK? There’s something I need to tell you, Travis takes her hand.

Next: I love you Dylan but I don’t like it here anymore, Faith says …. My ex, Michelle, is in town – the woman who came into Underground, Travis begins … How do you know? Billy ask. Michelle told me, Ashley answers. I’m gonna kill that sonofabitch! Billy’s livid.