Thursday, November 17th

Preferring to stand for bad news, Vikki’s informed that Travis’ ex is in town. No, he didn’t leave the party to see Michelle but he has seen her – and she was the woman who came to Underground. Yes, you SHOULD have told me – why didn’t you? Vikki asks. Travis didn’t want to dump all this on Vikki after they’d fought and made up. Then why tell me now? Other people know about Michelle and will try to use it against us.

At the club’s bar, Billy’s outraged that he defended Travis after he cheated on Vikki – how do you know? Ashley heard it from Michelle herself. I’ll kill that sonofabitch! Billy fumes.

Lily finds Cane in pain and a bad mood. He can’t reach Billy or Vikki and needs to combat Jabot’s new app. You just had surgery, Lily reminds. Cane just wants to get out of this bed and go home (which the doctor won’t allow)

At the tackhouse, Chelsea updates Nick that the nanny took the kids to the corn maze. With Christian asleep, Nick asks her to stay and keep him company (and look at photos of his son’s first birthday)

Faith is ready to move into her Dad’s today – he’ll probably say it’s OK. No Mom, this isn’t Victor or Nikki’s idea – it’s what *I* want. But Dylan and I just said goodbye to Sully/Christian – we can’t lose you too, Sharon pouts.

Nick and Chelsea gush over photos of the kids at the stables and party. It’s sad that Sage couldn’t be here but Nick will tell Christian all about her. Chelsea will do the same with Connor/Adam and knows Nick will be an excellent Father to Christian.

Sharon knows Faith misses being with her little brother – but you can still have time with Christian without moving in with Dad. She knows Faith must be confused and sad but we’ll get through this by talking. When Faith still insists on moving, Sharon leaves Dylan to have his say. No, he’s not mad at Faith – but can you help me understand what’s going on?

Cane continues to be the worst patient ever. Lily orders him to stop arguing – recuperate – stop pushing yourself. Cane wants his phone – he needs to tell Billy and Vikki his counter strategy. Rest – Lily will read his notes to Vikki and Billy.

Ashley stands to stop Billy from going to kill Travis – she only told him because there’s been too many secrets already. Vikki needs to know the truth, Billy insists. Stay out of it, Ashley reminds Billy of the hell he’s put Vikki through.

No, we’re not good? What else is going on? Did something happen? Vikki wonders if Travis has feelings for Michelle. He was shocked to see her at Chancellor Park – yes, there was a connection. So you’re leaving? No – Travis realized that Michelle means nothing to him. He told her and she’s leaving town.

Faith lists everyone her Mom was ‘mean’ to – she lied. Dylan explains that Sharon wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. Faith feels bad if she lies – how could Mom do it? Faith doesn’t understand – do you? She loves Dylan but it’s sad here and it can get loud sometimes. Right now I need my Dad.