Thursday, November 17th

Over beers, Nick declares the day a giant reminder that life goes on – it’s OK to laugh and move forward while missing people. Chelsea asks ‘oh wise one’ how he deals with guilt. Nick thinks Sage and Adam would want them to keep living; to find happiness again.

Vikki forgives – and understands why Travis didn’t tell her about his ex. After all she and Billy have thrown at him, she can handle this. I owe you that much. Travis vows to never let anyone come between them again – not Michelle, Billy, your Dad ~kiss~ Vikki gets a call from Lily – she needs a conference call with her and Billy. OK – Vikki will find Billy and call back from the office.

Ashley and Billy continue to argue at the club. She’s not defending Travis but maybe he deserves another chance – Billy should show restraint for one. Getting a text from Vikki, Billy’s going to meet her at the office. Don’t make things worse, Ashley implores as he exits.

Vikki and Billy both at Brash n Sassy, Lily reads Cane’s notes – if we can’t take tech to a new level find another avenue – be distinctive – opposite. Maybe he means old school? He did write on paper instead of email. The trio’s brainstorming results in a decision to give customers free consultations/makeovers; something no app can provide. Call over, Billy’s eager to tell Vikki about Travis. It’s OK – he told me everything, she interrupts.

Still at the bar, Ashley watches Travis head upstairs – and follows.

Faith? Dylan? Sharon finds herself alone when Mariah arrives. Hearing that Dylan probably took Faith to Nick’s she doesn’t think Sharon storming over there a good idea.

At the tackhouse, Dylan announces that Faith has something to say. I want to live here all the time. We were surprised too, Dylan adds. After Chelsea takes Faith upstairs, Dylan explains that Faith’s struggling with what her Mom did and misses her brother. Nick’s surprised Sharon signed off on this. She didn’t and won’t like that I brought Faith over. Do you think Faith should live here? Nick asks.

Travis is banging on Michelle’s door when Ashley catches up to him. Stay – I want you to hear this. I thought you’d be back, Michelle’s smile fades when Ashley appears in the doorway.

Billy’s surprised that Vikki’s taking it so well. Why would I make a mountain out of a molehill? Vikki’s not upset that Travis’ ex is in town. He has no feelings for her – the past is the past. Billy’s jaw drops.

Worried about what’s going on at Nick’s, Sharon throws herself a pity party – things are getting worse. You could be in jail, Mariah points out – and Dylan’s defending you; he’s the reason Nick’s not testifying against you. Sharon thanks Mariah. And Mariah thanks Sharon for not ratting her out.

Up in Faith’s room, Chelsea totally gets why she’s mad at her Mom – she used to fight with her Mom all the time. Did your Mom say she was sorry? Faith nods. Did she tell you she loves you? Another nod. Chelsea doesn’t think one bad thing should wipe out all the good things. Your Mom will never stop loving you. That doesn’t change what she did, Faith gives Chelsea a hug.

Downstairs, Nick’s decided that Faith will stay with him – but nothing permanent. Good, Dylan knows that would devastate Sharon. Nick doesn’t really care. But you invited us to the party. Nick did that for Dylan. Sharon should have told us the truth – she reached a new low. She’s still my wife, Dylan reminds. What will he tell Sharon? That Faith needs to spend some time with her Dad and brother. Sharon will have to accept that. But how will this affect YOU? Nick asks. Dylan’s just doing the right thing.

Pack up and go, Travis orders Michelle (as Ashley watches) I’m leaving soon, trust me, Michelle smiles. Trust you!? You said you wouldn’t tell anyone. The game is over – I want you gone NOW. Michelle doesn’t believe him (we just made love) That was a mistake – Travis paid up the room and wants Michelle on a plane back to New York today. Make sure she gets on a plane, Travis snaps at Ashley as he storms out.

You’re sure Michelle and Travis are in the past? Billy asks. Yes, Vikki insists that she and Travis are in a good place. I’m happy – I’m in love – everything’s falling into place; work, the kids, her friendship with Billy even. Getting a text from Travis, Vikki leaves Billy dumbstruck.

Lily cuddles with Cane in his hospital bed. How do you feel? Relaxed (the meds have kicked in) Yes she relayed his notes to Vikki and Billy – they’re on it. Oh how lucky the Ashby’s are to have one another.