Friday, November 18th

Mariah scolds Sharon for blasting Dylan – when did you decide he’s the enemy? Faith belongs here – with me, Sharon insists. Dylan hasn’t bailed like most would, Mariah’s the voice of reason – he has the best intentions and would do anything for you. Go find him and apologize. Let Faith stay at Nick’s and feel normal for a second. She and Dylan have lost so much. That’s why we need to be here, together – Sharon won’t let anyone take Faith from her.

Chelsea ready to go, Nick thanks her for her support. Thanksgiving at the ranch tomorrow will be weird – no Sage or Adam. Perhaps Nick should talk to his folks about inviting Chelsea and Connor. No need – Victor already did and Chelsea’s ‘totally going’.

Kevin arrives at the fashion studio with a stuffed pony for Bella. Chloe updates that Nick brought Dylan and Sharon to the party – she really loves ‘Sully’ and has suffered enough. Chloe won’t judge Sharon for coming between a child and it’s Father. Maybe because you’ve done the same thing, Kevin replies.

At GC Buzz, Devon and Hilary note all the interest on social media. Hilary will do more on the baby swapping story if she can get anything out of Mariah. Maybe she wants money too (like Sharon) She donated the money, Devon figures that might help Sharon’s reputation – question is; what do we do about yours?

At the park, Travis looks up at a bewildered Vikki – say Yes. Billy watches, horrified.

Vikki pulls Travis up – when did you decide you wanted to get married? When did you get this ring? Where’s this coming from? Billy continues to spy.

How exactly did I come between a Father and child? You haven’t told Bella’s Father about her, Kevin reminds. Chloe’s clear – it’s my kid, my life, my call.

Chelsea hasn’t left Nick’s after all – she’s showing him Victor’s invitation text. Happiness and fun is what it’s all about for their kids – Connor and Christian are cousins. Faith comes down to report she forgot to upload her homework; a video complete with costumes. Mom was supposed to help but then all this happened.

Mariah talks Sharon out of calling Faith – she’s fine at Nick’s (her home too) She doesn’t hate you – she’ll get past this. She ran away from me, Sharon just wants Faith home where she belongs.

Devon doesn’t want Hilary connected to just dark stories – people need something upbeat for the holidays. Hilary’s upbeat about ratings once she gets the full story out of Mariah.

Mariah knows that Faith loves Sharon – go distract yourself with work (which she has to do too) OK – but it’ll probably just make everything worse, Sharon mopes. That’s the spirit, Mariah quips.