Thursday, November 17th

Nick’s in Faith’s room with Chelsea. He can’t promise she can stay forever. You’re here now – that’s what matters, Chelsea thinks everyone needs time to adjust. Thanking her Dad, Faith goes to play video games.

Dylan comes home to announce that Faith’s staying at Nick’s for a while – she needs her Dad. She’s been traumatized enough. Sharon flips – how dare you keep handing my children off to Nick.

Downstairs, Nick and Chelsea comment on how well poor Dylan’s holding up – then laugh when Nick loads Chelsea up with empties to take to the kitchen.

As Mariah watches helplessly, Sharon blasts Dylan – who then shouts back; Christian is NOT our child! Get out! Sharon screams. Without further word, Dylan complies.

Grabbing Michelle’s luggage, Ashley tells her to stop stalling – start packing. Doing her makeup, Michelle claims she’ll be on the plane. It doesn’t matter how far away she is – Travis’ relationship is doomed.

Vikki joins Travis at the park – why are we meeting here? Travis pours on the charm – loving Vikki is the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to him. Will you marry me? he asks on bended knee. Billy arrives to watch in the distance.

Next: Hilary vows to Kevin – I’m gonna keep digging until I get to the truth. I won’t stop until I find the whole story … Go find him, apologize – this is not what you want, Mariah implores of Sharon …Billy continues to watch as Travis proposes; I’m in love with you Victoria, for the rest of my life – say yes.

My Thoughts: Nice that the suddenly anti-secret Ashley’s blabbing everyone else’s secrets but seems in no hurry to tell her daughter that she slept with Ben. And how about the oldest secret of all – she’s not John Abbott’s biological daughter. And is it even common knowledge that she conceived Abby with Victor’s stolen sperm? That sounds like a ‘juicy’ story Hilary would be all over … Speaking of pregnancies, let’s hope that Michelle and Travis used some form of birth control. There’s absolutely zero chance this Vikki won’t find out before she marries Travis. Perhaps Billy should take this info to Victor (who’s already immune to Travis’ charm) or Jill – she’d waste no time dropping the bomb … Really Cane? Your big idea to counter JabotGo is to do makeovers in the local malls? How innovating and exciting. Maybe you can have someone spray Bare on women as they pass by.