Monday, November 21st

Jill is NOT happy to see Phyllis at CL’s – let’s go – or at least stay away from her. As Billy chats with Devon, Ester refuses to hand out Jill’s samples – Dylan put me in charge today (and Jill must wear a hairnet)

Hilary continues to needle Phyllis – you were ‘intimidated’ when you thought I was trying to steal your husband. You have the audacity to talk to me about cheating after sleeping with your husband’s Father? Phyllis counters. Devon again referees. Joining Mariah inside, Hilary sees that Billy’s at CL’s too. Forget the homeless – Hilary’s on to a juicier story.

Cane doesn’t need his medication – he can make it to the table. No need – the Ashby thanksgiving will be picnic style (in the living room)

As Summer’s inside looking online on how to fry a turkey, Abby makes her way through billowing smoke at the front door. You should never deep fry a frozen turkey! Summer’s alarmed to read. Jack runs to put it out with an extinguisher. This family should not cook (Jack’s reminded of when Phyllis almost burned the house down)

Tasked with sweeping, Jill seems to have lost her hairnet. Luckily Ester has another one. Hilary comes along to ask Jill if Billy and Phyllis are an item again. Can I talk to Billy? Sure. As they go to hand out BnS samples, Hilary nudges her cameraman to film Phyllis and Billy smiling at one another.

Devon puts the camera down and again scolds Hilary – we have to leave right now to get the story online. Mariah thinks she got something good. Hilary looks pissed and bored.

Billy and Phyllis update on their Thanksgiving plans. Jack might end up alone – he could use company, she hints for Billy to go to the cabin.

Jack, Abby and Summer settle for glasses of milk and pies Abby brought from CL’s. They manage to share a few laughs and hearing that the apple crumble was supposed to go to Victor’s, Jack wastes no time digging in.

Neil and the Ashby’s go around the (coffee) table listing what they’re thankful for *yawn*

Back at GC Buzz, Devon thanks Mariah for keeping Hilary in check. Hilary’s suddenly all excited; sure they had no story, Mariah may have pulled our butts out of the fire.

Assuring the girls that he’ll be just fine, Jack sends them off with jokes about eating Victor’s pie. He’s then left alone with visions of Phyllis and Billy making out all over the cabin.

Back at CL’s, Phyllis updates that she has hope for her and Jack – I do love him. Billy always knew that. Hairnet on (kinda), Jill orders Billy away and warns Phyllis to stay away from him.