Monday, November 21st

Devon calls Lily – tune into GC Buzz and catch our holiday episode – it’s worth watching, he promises. She, Cane and Neil turn on the TV to watch a clip of Mariah interviewing ‘JJ’ – a woman who used to help at soup kitchens (then became an addict and ended up on the other side of the ladel) I’m clean now. I want to see my family, my children, she tears up. Looking at the camera, Hilary asks that this woman’s family reach out to her, then pimps the AbbottWinters Foundation. Keep Buzzin’ GC. Watching, Cane insists everyone go down to CL’s to help out (he’ll be fine by himself)

Back at the station, Devon praises Hilary – who’s eager to see what social media has to say. Instead of going online she sneaks an envelope out of her purse and quietly asks the cameraman to deliver it right away.

In obvious pain, Cane reaches out for his pain medication – gripping it in his fist as if trying to resist temptation.

Receiving another snide remark from Hilary, Mariah quips to Devon – I almost thought she had a heart. Meanwhile, the cameraman delivers the envelope to JJ. The contents? Cash and a note; find your children. Rebuild your life. It’s never too late.

Jill and Phyllis round 2 is interrupted by Neil, Lily and the kids – briefly. Jill then goes back to snarling at Phyllis; both Billy and Jack deserve better than you.

Jack puts on the game and relaxes – until someone comes to the door. Happy Thanksgiving, Billy shows up with a bag of food.

Next: Dylan watches as Nikki growls at Sharon – do me a favour and stay away from my family … Maybe all a happy ending needs is a little leap of faith, Abby tells Vikki (who looks over at Travis chatting with Nikki) … She’d do anything to make it up to you, Billy appeals to Jack. Was she telling you how much she loves me when making love to YOU on the sofa? Jack snarls back.

My Thoughts: Why on earth would Hilary need Jill’s permission to speak to Billy? He may be treated like a 5 year old but he’s a grown ass man who can talk to whomever he wants…. Ridiculous for Ester to insist that Jill wear a hairnet when the place is full of people who probably haven’t seen soap and water for a while. I don’t think Jill read the instructions for the hairnet. Those ‘homeless’ folks looked quite dapper in their winter woolies… Considering the number of times Jack’s survived fires, collapses and explosions, it’s amazing he doesn’t have a PTSD episode at the first sign of smoke. Weird that Jack can’t forget what happened at the cabin but Summer has no problem dining where her husband was bludgeoned to death … Oh please – Hilary’s SO kind and generous giving that JJ woman money and a note of encouragement. Now she has cash to go buy some drugs; Devon’s cash of course … Speaking of drugs, I hope the AbbottWinters Foundation rehab center has a bed for Cane – looks like it’s about time for a drug addiction problem .. If Traci’s too sick to come to the cabin for dinner, she’s too sick for any leftovers except turkey soup…. Uncle Moses? Is that really necessary? Like the kids aren’t messed up enough already.