Monday, November 28th

Lily comes home to find Cane struggling to get dressed. Jill’s interviewing my replacement right now – he needs to show her he can do his job. Fine, but Lily will drive.

Jill tells Travis that his charm’s wasted on her – there’s no way she’d hire him. She just wanted to tell him face to face that Vikki and Billy belong together. He had his chance – we’re getting married, Travis points out. Jill doesn’t think so.

Vikki tries to convince herself and Billy that her future is with Travis (then hurries off to court)

The Judge has barred all cameras (but Mariah knows Hilary records on her phone) Kevin will keep an eye on her. And as Mariah worries that Paul will find out that she knew about Sharon’s secret, the Hamiltons arrive.

Sharon admits it makes sense for Dylan to petition solo. I told Mike no (Dylan wants to do this together) Sharon appreciates that – and she wouldn’t have gone to the penthouse if she knew Christian was there. He must be so confused. Dylan hopes he won’t be after today – we’ll be part of his life again.

Leaving the club, Nick flashes back to Sharon and Dylan’s pleading – we love that kid and he loves us. Then the tearful goodbye. We’re going to be late! Nikki comes in to wonder what the hold up is. Victor’s waiting in the car. She’s pleased and proud that Nick’s now thinking of Dylan.

Arriving at BnS on crutches and with Lily, Cane’s assured that interviewing Travis sure wasn’t Billy’s idea – that’s all Jill. Entering in time to see a handshake, Cane’s relieved to hear that there’s no job opening after all.

Hilary tells Devon that she spoke to Nikki and is now waiting for Sharon. Insisting she’ll be compassionate, Hilary jumps in Sharon’s face for a comment. Getting nothing, she pursues Dylan (who’s confident they’ll get visitation) After Kevin calls Hilary away, Victor arrives with Nikki and Nick. As Father and son go to speak to Leslie, Nikki tells Dylan that Nick will give him visitation, but not Sharon. You will be reunited with Christian.

Mike thanks Kevin for distracting Hilary – then leaves him to warn Sharon that Mariah might get thrown under the bus. Sharon won’t say anything and hopes it’ll all blow over. Meanwhile, Nick confides in Chelsea – his Dad wants him to play hardball – but his Mom wants Dylan to have visitation. It’s hard after all the lies. Chelsea must tell Nick something …. Nick might give me visitation, Dylan updates Mike. Something I should know? Sharon appears (and looks worried when Mike walks off)

About to leave BnS, Travis comments that it would have been strange working with Vikki and Billy. Jill sure does want you back with your ex. It’s a bit weird how involved she is. Billy again reminds Travis not to hurt Vikki. Knowing there’ll be no more endorsements from Billy, Travis is OK with that (because he’ll soon be married to Vikki)

In the courtroom, Dylan begins by apologizing to Nick. In every way that mattered, I was a Father to that child for a year. Mike leads him in explaining that he didn’t know Christian wasn’t his. Sharon didn’t know at first either. Yes, Dylan wants them BOTH to have visitation. Standing to address Nick, Dylan has to forgive Sharon and hopes Nick can too – do what’s best for this little boy.