Tuesday, November 29th

In the hallway of the courtroom, Billy insists he’s telling the truth – Travis slept with another woman. Surely Vikki could feel the trust was gone (and thus didn’t accept the proposal immediately)

In the courtroom, Mike and Leslie argue loudly about the request for a restraining order. After both sons look at Nikki, Nick stands to say the McAvoy’s can’t be trusted around his son (after this ‘secret meeting’) Dylan and Sharon both appeal to Nick, then Nikki stands to agree that Dylan’s not to blame. The Judge orders everyone out.

Billy was hoping Travis would be the one to tell Vikki – he takes no joy hurting her but couldn’t see her walk down the aisle with someone who’s lying to her. As all file out, Travis walks over to look at both.

Order! The Judge has never had to bang his gavel at a visitation hearing before – control yourselves and think of what’s best for this child. The McAvoy’s sheepishly agree but Nick asserts that he IS looking out for his son’s best interests.

In the hallway, Mariah must check in with Hilary – or she’ll think I’m keeping things from her. ARE you keeping things from her? Kevin asks.

Vikki dabs at her eyes as Travis asks why Billy’s here. Ask him Vic, Billy says as he strolls out. Ask me what? Travis asks. Why did he propose? Because he loves Vikki. I don’t know what Billy told you … You should have told me, Vikki sulks off (Travis on her heels repeating her name)

Nikki and Victor bicker about Dylan’s role in. She thinks he’s a loyal husband who was duped by Sharon. He thinks Dylan was in on everything. It’s obvious to Victor that Nikki’s defending Dylan and not Nick.

Back in the courtroom, Leslie makes her case against Sharon. Mike objects – his client didn’t even know that Christian would be at the penthouse. Sharon tells the story – Chloe was just being kind. Dylan agrees it wasn’t Chloe’s call to make but Sharon’s the only Mom Christian’s ever known. We’re not a threat to him – you know that Nick. Mike concludes that the McAvoy’s being kept from the child just makes him another victim. The Judge tells them to stay put – he’ll be back with his decision.

Chloe arrives at the courthouse to confront Chelsea on telling Nick about Sharon’s visit – now you’ve hurt Sharon, Dylan and Christian. Chelsea couldn’t keep quiet – Nick’s been lied to enough. Now everything’s so much better, Chloe stomps off.

The Judge returns to acknowledge that all parties are invested in the well-being of the child – none are a threat. But since Nick is the biological Father, he will issue a TEMPORARY restraining order to ease his mind – until visitation is decided. Mike reassures the McAvoys. Nick looks guilty.

Devon joins Hilary to hear the Judge kicked everyone out. She’s pissed that Mariah won’t help GC Buzz with an exclusive (and earn her salary) Devon doesn’t expect Mariah to sell her own Mother out. She’s the one who gave us our Thanksgiving story – Mariah DOES earn her salary.