Monday, November 28th

Jill’s astonished that Cane would think she’d replace him – we’re family. Never mind Travis – what were you thinking hobbling in here? Lily also lectures Cane – you’re not ‘useless’. Going stir crazy, Cane’s happy to hear that Jill will email him lots of work. After the Ashby’s leave, Billy confronts Jill on why she interviewed Travis. She knows Billy has something on Travis. If he’s not the man Vikki thinks he is, don’t you dare let her walk down that aisle.

Outside the courtroom, Hilary appears with her phone to record video – how did it go? Why didn’t you speak on your own behalf? she asks Sharon. Cut it out, Mariah jumps in. Hilary asks Mariah if there were signs looking back. After Kevin saves Mariah, Devon scolds Hilary.

Travis is at the courthouse to update Vikki – there’s no job for him at Brash n Sassy. As Vikki gives him a hug, Billy arrives. Leslie appears to invite all back in – it’s Nick’s turn to make a statement. As all file in, Vikki tells Travis to go ahead. Billy has something to tell her – he can’t keep quite about this any longer ….

Leslie has Nick express not understanding what Sharon did. He doesn’t believe that Dylan didn’t know – and did you know she went behind my back to see Christian? Yes, Dylan answers simply.

Now home, Cane’s happy to be looking over printed off work emails. Lily accidentally leans on his leg – do you need a pill? No, it’ll mess with my head. Leaving the pills where Cane can reach them, Lily leaves for work. Cane looks at the pills.

Sharon stammers quietly to Mike – I didn’t plan on it … Mike didn’t plan for this either (because he didn’t know she visited Christian) Leslie asks the Judge to issue a restraining order against Dylan and Sharon.

In the hall, Billy claims he DID mean it when saying he wanted Vikki to be happy. He doesn’t want to be the one to tell her this – Travis cheated on you.

Next: Nick’s on his feet to accuse Dylan – he knew his wife went behind my back to see my son. I can’t trust them around Christian. You know that’s not true, Dylan stands too (Sharon’s also on her feet) … Ask him Vic, Billy challenges. Ask me what? Travis appears to ask.