Tuesday, November 29th

Kevin continues to grill Mariah (who insists she didn’t know anything and wishes people would ease up on Sharon) Kevin thinks Sharon should have left the penthouse as soon as she saw Christian was there.

Nick comes out to update his parents – the Judge issued a restraining order against both Dylan and Sharon until visitation is decided. So there is some hope, Nikki looks crestfallen. Leslie adds that if the restraining order is violated, visitation will be off the table completely.

Devon follows as Hilary shoves her phone in Leslie’s face for a comment. She’s confident her client won’t have to share his son with anyone.

Packing up in the courtroom, Mike tells Dylan that they may still have a shot – be smart, don’t antagonize Nick. Sharon ignored as Mike leaves, she feels bad about always hurting Dylan. When Chloe comes in to apologize, Sharon blasts her for telling Chelsea. You hurt me AND my husband.

After Victor and Nikki leave, Chelsea chats with Nick – who’s mad that she waited a whole day to tell him that Sharon visited Christian.

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary again pressures Mariah for an exclusive. Sharon’s secrets all come out anyway. Leah (a friend of Mariah’s) comes in all excited to tell her story. She babysat for Sharon and was there while the whole baby thing was happening. Hilary smiles. Mariah does not.

Billy returns to Brash n Sassy to update Jill that her ‘team’ is busy today. Something happened between you and Vikki, Jill’s pleased to hear that Billy told Vikki about Travis.

Now home, Travis rants about Vikki’s ex and family coming between them. Vikki wants one thing – the truth.

Billy scolds Jill – have some compassion for Vikki; she’s hurt and disappointed.

Travis continues to whine about Billy causing trouble. He defended you, Vikki snaps – he told me to trust you. Rehashing that night, Vikki asks where Travis went after she kicked him out. Travis went to talk to Michelle. Did you talk before or after you slept with her? Vikki asks.

As Leah takes selfies of herself, Mariah tries to run interference (Leah will say anything to get on TV) She gets no backup from Devon (he thinks this babysitter may add something to the story. Hilary asks Leah if she ever overheard Sharon talking to Mariah and grins when Leah chirps that she’ll say whatever Hilary wants her to say.

Nick scolds Chelsea for not telling him about Sharon’s visit sooner. Why didn’t you? Chelsea’s sorry – but this hearing was happening anyway. Nick doesn’t think she IS sorry. Well, I truly am and sorry you can’t see that, Chelsea leaves.

Told that Travis cheated with his ex, Jill’s astounded but agrees not to dig into it. She’s proud of Billy for telling Vikki the truth. She accused me of not wanting her to be happy, Billy’s sad to say.

Travis was drunk and mad – you’ve been there! You didn’t even know who Katie’s Father was because of one drunken night with Stitch! As Vikki storms upstairs and tosses his clothes down, Travis insists he loves Vikki, not Michelle. Don’t do this – this is what they all want. No! This is what Vikki wants. Get out by the time I get back! she throws her ring at Travis and leaves him on the front step.

Back at the studio, Hilary types away as Devon fishes for what Leah had to say and what she’ll air. Nothing – she just wanted to be on TV, Hilary won’t cater to gossip and innuendo (or will she?)

Now home, Dylan really should get back to the station. He can’t blame Sharon – or Chloe (she was coming from a good place) Sharon can only hope for the best. We have to do more than that, Dylan disagrees.