Tuesday, November 29th

Victor and Nikki are also home. He doesn’t understand the Judge considering letting Dylan and Sharon being close to his grandson. She asks that Victor respect the fact that Dylan is her son. Victor can’t respect anyone who’s with Sharon. Respect Nick – he’s our son too (Nick arrives to hear)

Vikki mopes her way into Brash n Sassy. You must be proud of yourself, Travis is packing, she tells Billy. Say something dammit! Billy stands to say ‘I’m sorry’. Shoving her way out of his hug, Vikki cries.

At the penthouse, Chelsea gripes some more at Chloe (who snaps – You have no idea what I’ve done for you) How exactly have you ‘helped’ me? Chelsea lists all she’s done for Chloe. I gave you a job, a place to stay. Maybe it’s time to rethink things, Chloe suggests. Yeah, maybe it is, Chelsea agrees.

We’re in this together – but Dylan implores Sharon to take Mike’s advice – we can’t violate the restraining order. Sharon promises – I won’t jeopardize our chances ~hug~

Dylan did nothing wrong but love and raise that child, Nikki points out. Nick appears; MY son – why can’t his Mom not understanding that!? I’m getting my boy, Nick walks upstairs. Victor tells Nikki that sometimes we have to choose (which visibly upsets her)

Next: It’s just one more relationship that didn’t work out for me, Vikki tells Billy – I’m starting to get used to it … I love Dylan, no matter what you believe, Sharon insists. Prove it, Nikki challenges – set him free…. Jack tells Phyllis – it’s time for me to let go of things that were holding me back and piece together the things that were broken.

My Thoughts: I don’t know how anyone kept a straight face today. Victor and Nikki both claim to be ‘loyal’ and Chelsea thinks ‘Nick’s been lied to enough’? (yet is keeping a secret that is sure to devastate him) Hard to feel much sympathy for Nick today – he was quite obnoxious and Victor-ish. Victor doesn’t respect Dylan because he’s with Sharon? Has he forgotten he married her himself – twice? …. When Devon was on the phone the other day talking about upgrades at GC Buzz did he mean replacing perfectly good chairs with big balance balls? I wonder how many takes it took for Hilary not to land on her ass …. If the Judge is still considering granting the McAvoy’s visitation why would he issue a restaining order? The longer Christian goes without seeing them, the sooner he’ll forget. I mean, how many of us remember anything before the age of one? If anything, why not supervised visitation? … Now what will Travis do? No job, no home. Maybe he should just get back on his boat and sail off into the sunset. He didn’t even seem all that sorry about cheating… Why is Kevin accusing Mariah of ‘keeping things’ from him and Hilary? She’s not obligated to tell either of them anything. It’s not like Kevin never kept anything from HIS boss (speaking of which; why wasn’t Paul in court today?)