Wednesday, November 30th

The kids sent off to school, Lily scolds Cane for refusing to use his crutches. And no, she won’t put her sexy nurse costume on again ~kiss~

At the club with Mike, Phyllis has no good words for Sharon but praises Dylan; a stand-up guy. Hopefully, his and Nick’s relationship isn’t ruined. Mike’s told that Phyllis and Jack spent some time together over Thanksgiving – it almost seemed like old times.

Jack’s summoned Neil to Jabot to tell him that he served Henry at CL’s (one of the first people enrolled in the foundation’s detox program) How sad that he’s homeless – what happened and how can we help him? See? THIS is why we need you back – it’s Neil’s opinion that Jack should have never left the foundation.

Billy wouldn’t blame Vikki for not coming in to work today – everyone would understand. Vikki’s not that delicate – and it’s not like this is the first time she’s been cheated on.

At CL’s, Sharon’s stunned when Mariah updates that former babysitter Leah offered to say whatever Hilary wanted on air (which even bottom-feeder Hilary wouldn’t do) Neither can believe Nick got a restraining order keeping the McAvoy’s from going within 500 feet of Christian. On cue, Nick pushes a stroller to their table.

Phyllis continues to open up to Mike – Jack enjoyed himself serving the homeless at CL’s – maybe he’ll take another step at Christmas. She can read the look on Mike’s face – don’t set yourself up for a huge disappointment.

Jack claims he’s only concerned about Henry because he was one of the first people they helped. Does Neil the therapist think Jack saw himself in Henry? DID you? Neil probes.

Cane ends the make out session – he needs to go prove himself at BnS. You OK? Lily detects a fever and insists on driving Cane to work. Asking her to go start the car, Cane drops the smile, goes for his pills – then changes his mind and hobbles out.

Back at Brash n Sassy, Billy talks about Vikki forgiving him for turning to Kelly after Delia died – you WILL get past this pain. That’s MY business, Vikki’s used to her relationships not working out.

Ignoring Mariah, Sharon accosts Nick to remind that not all their history is bad – it didn’t have to be this way. When Mariah defends her Mom, Nick repeats his displeasure with her visiting Christian behind his back. He misses me, Sharon claims – don’t you want him to be happy? Nikki arrives to greet Nick – then ask what the hell Sharon’s doing near her grandson!?

Her chat with Billy interrupted, Vikki greets Cane with a hug. After Lily leaves, Cane assures Billy that he does indeed know how lucky he is. Well, let’s get to work, Cane tries (and fails) to hide his pain from Billy.

Having seen Jack’s compassion towards those the foundation helped, Neil wishes his old friend would come back for a new year’s charity event. Help Henry get clean and sober. Then what? Is Jack supposed to take Phyllis back too? One step at a time – that’s the foundation’s motto, Neil reminds.