Wednesday, November 30th

Mike doesn’t want Phyllis to have false hope – be realistic. Phyllis thinks that if Dylan and Sharon have a chance, so do she and Jack.

Nikki bares her teeth at Sharon – YOU aren’t allowed to be near my grandson. I’m calling Paul. We were here first – and leaving, Mariah literally pulls Sharon out. Nikki’s left to browbeat Nick – she doesn’t understand why he has sympathy for Sharon. You seem to have saved all YOUR sympathy for Dylan, Nick replies.

Nikki’s NOT choosing sides – but of course she feels bad for Dylan; he was a victim too. But he admitted (in court) to lying by omission and Nick knows Dylan won’t turn his back on Sharon. Nikki wonders how he knows that. Because Dylan would have left as soon as he found out, Nick reasons.

Back home, Sharon’s not nearly as surprised as Mariah that Nikki would call the cops on her – she’s always seen me as the enemy. Nick doesn’t hate you, Mariah’s sure he won’t keep her from Faith (who will come around) Sharon appreciates Mariah’s support and wishes she didn’t stay to visit Christian. I can’t think with my heart anymore – I’ll only end up hurting Dylan.

I’m Fine! Vikki insists to Billy. Cane then introduces Louise Fontaine. She’s there with a business proposal but steps out to take a call from her fiance (to discuss wedding plans) When the boys offer to take this meeting, Vikki ‘gladly’ accepts and quickly exits.

Bumping into Phyllis as he leaves, Neil announces that Jack might rejoin the foundation. I said I’d think about it, Jack clarifies. After Neil leaves, Phyllis thinks it a good idea. At the mention of Thanksgiving, Jack has something to ask of Phyllis – something only you can do for me.

Jack wants to do a focus group on JabotGo; 6-8 groups in 3 cities. Good, Jill’s planning a counter attack, Phyllis is not only ‘interested’ she’s thrilled to be trusted with more responsibility. Good, Jack needs some personal time outside the office – maybe the foundation IS the answer.

Nick now pushes his stroller through the park. Vikki’s there, on a break – and could use one from Nick too (he’s the one who convinced her to bring Travis back from Mexico) Nothing’s going on, Vikki just came to her senses and broke things off is all.

Mariah serves Sharon tea then tries to send Nikki away. I’m not here to harass you – we love the same person and don’t want him to hurt anymore. Mariah leaves Sharon to assume Nikki’s talking about Nick. No, she’s referring to Dylan. If Sharon loves him she should prove it; set him free. I should divorce him? Sharon’s aghast.

Sharon now realizes how much Nikki hates her – you’re using my love for my husband against me. Nikki wonders if Sharon loves Dylan enough to let him be part of Christian’s life.

At the club, Mariah reports the scene at CL’s to Mike (Nikki barged into Sharon’s and is there with her now) Checking his phone, Mike sees no messages from Paul or the DA’s office. Tell Sharon that she needs to honour the restraining order, he orders. Mariah doesn’t think Nick the problem – Nikki is.

Neil arrives at the club to question Lily’s good mood and is surprised to hear that Cane’s back to work (and that he hasn’t taken any pain meds) Jill would never replace Cane both are sure – he’s irreplaceable.