Wednesday, November 30th

Ms Fontaine tells Cane and Billy to leave the apps to the masses. Her idea is the ultimate luxury; a beauty consultant on call who’ll come to the consumer with the latest Brash n Sassy products. After she leaves, a physical therapist arrives. Hired by Lily, Jessica won’t take no for an answer (and leads him off to the stationary bike that’s just been delivered)

Vikki doesn’t look forward to Dad’s gloating about her bad taste in men. He always seems to be right. Don’t let Christian hear you say that, Nick jokes.

Jack tells Phyllis he wants to get back to giving back. Neil’s words hit home – it’s time to let go of the things holding me back and piece together the things that were broken.

Yes, Jack HAS given his decision a lot of thought. Phyllis approves. Nothing changes here, Jack expects Phyllis to work to counter Brash n Sassy’s success. She’s up to the challenge (and in the hallway, looks it)

Lily’s back at BnS to fetch Cane (who doesn’t want to go home) Knowing that he’s in a lot of pain, Billy’s agrees that Lily should take him home.

Nick declares his baby in the stroller living proof that the future is rarely how we picture it. After losing so much, things have turned around for him – and it can happen for Vikki too. She has to wonder if he’ll be as optimistic if Dylan and Sharon win visitation.

Sharon won’t walk away from her ‘rock’ and knows Nikki hopes Dylan and Nick will come to an agreement if she’s out of the picture. If your love for my son is real, you know what to do, Nikki leaves Sharon to mull that over.

Next: Faith looks up Nick to say ‘Mom and Dylan can’t be around Christian – they could be arrested’ …. Dylan tells Paul that he owes it to Christian to fight to be part of his life. We’ve hit a roadblock so now we have to find another way …. What is it? Mike asks. I need to divorce Dylan, Sharon replies.

My Thoughts: Doesn’t Dylan still own the coffee shop? And wouldn’t that give Sharon more of a right to be at CL’s than Nick? Is there even 500 feet between her home and Nick’s? … I don’t know why I just noticed, but the door that supposedly leads to Sharon’s kitchen is on the corner of her house – Mariah must have made tea in a closet…. Why would Lily have a stationary bike delivered to Jabot? Cane’s at Brash n Sassy to work, not work OUT. Why can’t therapy take place at home? Or at the ATHLETIC Club Lily manages. And obviously Lily did not see a photo of Jessica before hiring her. She should have hired that old guy, Sarge who helped Jack learn to walk again (not a playboy bunny) … Sorry Neil but ‘one step at a time’ is already taken – by another addiction facility .. Why is Jill’s ‘dream team’ hiring an outside ‘marketing whiz’ – isn’t that THEIR job? It’s not like the trio are creating products.