Thursday, December 1st

Christian napping, Nick now turns his attention to Faith (who’s looking glum after reading GC Buzz online) Mommy and Dylan will get arrested if they go near Christian? Do you think they’ll take him? she wonders.

At the cop shop, Dylan’s ranting to his Dad. Kevin defends Chloe inviting Sharon to visit Christian – who could know? All Dylan knows is that he’s hit a roadblock and must find another way (to be part of Christian’s life)

Sharon thanks Mike for meeting her on the CL’s patio. She has no time for a ‘scolding’ – I need to divorce Dylan.

Mariah questions Hilary at work. Why didn’t she put Leah on air? Knowing Hilary has no heart or integrity, Mariah wonders if she’s going to drop a bomb on Sharon.

All businesslike at the studio, Chloe has appointments this afternoon. No, not vendors – apartments, she surprises Chelsea (who’s invited to pop a cork and shout ‘hurray’) You’ll have your place to yourself soon.

Chelsea didn’t mean to push Chloe and Bella out the door. It wasn’t a lifelong commitment, Chloe points out that they’re also on opposite sides of the whole Nick/Sharon thing. It’s not a big deal. Chelsea admits it might be time she and Connor try it alone. I need to learn how to move on.

No, Nick doesn’t think Mommy or Dylan would take Christian, but Mommy broke the rules – we’re just trying to figure it out. Christian needs to learn that I’m his Dad and this is his home. He then has an idea to distract Faith.

After the phony NE financial reports, Hilary vows not to air lies – but Leah’s hardly the only person who’s tried to get on the air by claiming they know Sharon. Hilary tells Mariah that she just wants the truth to be told.

Paul knows what Christian means to Dylan but it’s up to the Judge – what will you do if he doesn’t grant visitation? Dylan still has hope but would have more hope without Sharon. Defending her, Dylan feels guilty for not protecting her. I won’t let her down again.

Mike’s baffled – Why divorce a man who’s devoted to you? Sharon thinks Dylan will be better off (and have a better shot at visitation)

Decorating Christmas cookies with her Dad, Faith wishes Chelsea was there – she’s still family; like your best friend. Yes, she is my best friend, Nick agrees.

Still at the design studio, Chelsea’s annoyed when Chloe mentions her relationship with Nick – we’re just friends; WERE friends. He’s mad I didn’t tell him Sharon visited Christian. Not wanting to fight with the BFF she loves, Chloe’d rather not get into it. Nick then calls to invite Chelsea over to help with a project.

Back at CL’s, Mike finally gets it – Sharon thinks Dylan will have a better chance at visitation without her. He didn’t lie or keep secrets, she points out – he loves Christian so much. I’ve cost Dylan too much already. I must divorce him.

At the club, Mariah tells Dylan about the incident between Nick and Sharon at CL’s and Leah (and others) going to Hilary wanting to tell their story. She suggests Dylan fight fire with fire; tell YOUR story on GC Buzz. You’re the good guy; a cop, a soldier. Your story will overshadow the low-lifes Hilary’s turning away.

As Faith plays with Christian, Nick apologizes to the amazing Chelsea for being a jerk. After jokes about how lame Nick is at cookie decorating, he announces that a sitter’s coming so he can go do some Christmas errands (shopping) Faith relays Christian’s wish-list (including a T-shirt that reads ‘my big sister is the best’)