Friday, December 2nd

In with Christian, Nick also tells Faith that it’s not her fault. Mommy and Dylan are worried – can they just come in and give him a hug? she implores.

Chelsea gently reminds Faith that Sharon and Dylan can’t see Christian. But if Daddy made the rule, can’t he unbreak it? Nick comes out to invite the McAvoy’s in. It’s not a trick, he assures a skeptical Dylan.

Devon knows that Hilary’s compassion sometimes goes out the window when it comes to ratings. How will Dylan react? He won’t like it, but Hilary wonders if Devon really wants to make Victor their enemy again (by airing anything unfavourable to Nick)

As Dylan holds Christian, Sharon gushes – all the people who love you most are right here in this room. We didn’t leave you, she sniffles. We’re always going to be here, they both say. We love you so much. Sharon gives Christian back to the nurse. In the hallway, Nick asks Chelsea to take Faith home (but then agrees she can go with her Mom and Dylan)

Pressured to open up, Chloe talks about being in a psych facility. Every move is watched for signs of a violent outbreak. The staff ransacked my room. I’m more guarded. Kevin’s sorry. Chloe doesn’t want to talk about it – she feels better now. As she goes up to pack her room, Kevin looks worried. In her closet, Chloe’s relieved to see her box marked ‘party shoes’ is intact.

Chloe sneaks down to overhear Kevin talking to the playpen – he’s excited to show Bella her new room. Delia liked pink. You might want yellow or green. We’re going to have so much fun. Your Mom’s the best part of everything. Chloe quietly tucks her shoe box into another box. And now it’s on to Kevin and Chloe’s next adventure.

Chelsea joins Nick in Christian’s room – how’s he doing? Better – Nick saw him smile. Chelsea’s surprised he didn’t call security. Nick knows that Christian needs everyone who loves him right now; that includes Dylan and Sharon. You’re a good Dad, Chelsea praises.

Hilary can’t drop the biggest scandal in the city – we’d lose all credibility. Devon disagrees – look at how well received the Thanksgiving story was. We can entertain and make a difference – we can educate, take a stand. Hilary HAS taken a stand. The show’s about to start – let’s let the viewers decide, she walks on camera.

It’s pizza and movie night at Sharon’s. Dylan, you’re on TV, Faith notes. It’ll be OK, Dylan claims. But when the ‘My wife has a history of mental illness’ clip airs, Sharon sends Faith upstairs.

Distressed by online comments about her Mom, Mariah watches as Hilary wraps her segment – you decide GC.