Friday, December 2nd

Sharon finds it hard to believe she and Hilary used to be friends. That’s not what I said, Dylan was told this wouldn’t happen – I defended you. Sharon thinks this proof that she needs to divorce Dylan.

At the cafe in the park, Mariah tells Kevin that she can’t go home – can I crash in my old room for the night? Chloe comes over with two glasses of celebratory wine. What are they celebrating? Chloe’s moving back in.

This is my fault, Sharon insists that Dylan can watch Christian grow up if she leaves. We’re in this together, Dylan won’t get a divorce. We’ll go at it another way. I love you. I love you too ~hug~

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary reads some tweets – best episode ever. They didn’t see the original interview and don’t know they got played, Devon demands the next episode be scandal-free. Hilary refuses. And Devon fires her.

Joking about the cafeteria food, Chelsea wonders if Nick letting the McAvoys visit Christian means he’s softening his stance. On cue, an alert goes off on Nick’s phone – and both watch Dylan’s interview (stating that he won’t stand by Sharon) What game are they playing? No way Nick’s handing his son over to them.

Next: I don’t want breakfast. I want to go back to Dad’s, Faith disappoints Sharon and Dylan…. I know I messed up but I love Vikki and I’m gonna win her back, Travis vows to Abby … Arriving at BnS with Billy, Vikki’s surprised to see her desk covered with flowers. What the hell??

My Thoughts: If only Nick heard Sharon tell Christian that the people who love him the most are all in this room. If this is the type of thing she plans to say, she shouldn’t have unsupervised access to Christian. She claims that Nick can’t soothe him as well as she can yet the kid twice squirmed out of her grasp in favour of Dylan and didn’t appear to need soothing at all… Nice that Faith’s forgiven her Mom – but she shouldn’t be allowed to go back and forth at whim. Unless she’s in some sort of danger, Faith should be made to stick to whatever access schedule Nick and Sharon have in place – not just live with whichever parent she’s not pissed off with at any given moment … I hope Devon has a prenup. Making Hilary the face of GC Buzz already guarantees she’d get a good chunk of that business … Can’t really feel sorry for Mariah – why can’t she get her own apartment? Why must she stay at her Mom’s or ex-boyfriends? … Being allergic to strawberries is so rare that foods don’t even need to be labeled if they include them.