Wednesday, December 14th

Victoria is dead set on calling her father, but Billy and Cane disagree. The three are all on different pages, Billy wanting to convince Ashley to talk some sense into Jack and Cane wanting to prioritize calling Jill. In the end they all agree to put their faith in Ashley. In the midst of the drama, Billy and Victoria run out to take their kids to visit Santa.

Neil advises Devon to stop acting like a bachelor, that Hilary makes a fair point about not enjoying their living situation.

Mariah reads over a segment outline, nervous as ever. Although she is happy with the segment topic – cookie decorating and cooking – she still lacks confidence.

Victoria and Billy’s kids sip on sugar filled drinks, talking about what they asked from Santa. Billy asks his son if he’s been a good boy, to which he gets asked the same. Billy and Victoria look at each other, knowing full well that Billy hasn’t had the best year.

Cane asks Ashley to talk to Jack about reconsidering. He says that the family will be destroyed if the eviction goes through with, but Ashley considers that maybe distance wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Ashley says Cane is using a family rift to try and hold on to a piece of real estate while Cane counters that Jack is using this family rift to kick them out. Ashley confesses that she was never a big fan of Brash and Sassy being run in Jabot anyways and besides, it was Jack’s call in the end. Cane decides to switch to Plan B: Call Jill.

Jack and Neil successfully complete their meeting, and Jack asks Neil about Hilary, admitting he was impressed by her determination to find a new job.

Devon surprises Hilary with a new apartment, Nick and Sage’s old apartment to be exact. Farrah congratulates them on their new home, and leaves to grab paperwork for Devon.

Hilary isn’t giving up, telling Devon to either get his deposit back or to live in the penthouse alone. Hilary looks at Devon in disbelief, unimpressed that not only did he buy the home to keep her in line, but without consulting her first. Hilary’s frustration with Devon is that she feels like she is just along for the ride. It seems as though she never gets a say in anything and she is just supposed to smile and be whoever he wants her to be. Devon finally begins to see her point, and let’s her know that it was never his intention to control her in any way. As the conversation begins to lighten up, he asks her to take a look around the apartment and see if she likes it. Although Hilary’s sees work to be done, she is overall happy with it. The two finally share a hug and she reminds him that her agreeing to live with him does not mean she’s coming back to work.

Ashley appeals to Jack, asking to give Brash and Sassy more time however Jack sternly declines. Ashley is off put by his assertiveness and ruthlessness. Jack tells her to get used to it, since he is now running the company. After a long staring contest, Ashley leaves the room in disgust of her brothers lack of mercy. Jack turns around in his chair and holds a framed photo of his father in his hands.