Wednesday, December 14th

Thanks again to my wonderful daughter Riley for filling in.

Billy confronts Jack about the eviction notice, which states that Jabot Cosmetics must leave by the end of the year. Jack tells Billy “It’s strictly business,” however Billy isn’t stupid enough to believe that.

Cane and Victoria share the same concern, both in disbelief that Jack would terminate their lease. Cane worries that their new line, Brash and Sassy won’t make it to the market, however Victoria remains optimistic. Cane appears frantic, while Victoria calculates her next move.

While turning around to leave the bar Ashley runs into Farrah Dubose, a high end realtor, spilling her drinks all over her white blazer. Though apologetic, Ashley fires back after Farrah tells her to watch where she’s going. The conversation ends with the two calling each other bitches in sync.

Devon finishes his phone call with Barry from yesterday’s episode, [in case you missed it Hilary hired Barry to help her find a new hosting gig.] Devon discovers that Jack set Barry up with Hilary to find her new job. Devon is visibly annoyed, conflicted and upset while on the flip side Hilary is reeling with joy.

Before Farrah leaves, Ashley runs over with a napkin, saying the last thing she wants is a cat fight. She offers to pick up Farrah’s dry cleaning bill and to buy her a new outfit. Instead, Farrah (with a straight face) suggests that Ashley buy a house or two from her. Ashley declines and leaves before Farrah has the chance to suggest any other methods of repayment.

Devon comes around, inviting Hilary back to the show. Devon thinks he’s being generous, but Hilary still thinks he’s trying to control her and make into someone she’s not. Devon knows that Hilary wants to create a name, a legacy for herself and he is confident that she can find that at GC Buzz. Unfortunately, Hilary doesn’t feel the same and grabs her purse to leave. On her way out, she mentions her distaste for how they live as if they’re playing doll house, and passes by Mariah who is walking in, congratulating her for taking everything that was once meant for her.

Cane insists on calling Jill, but Victoria is totally against it, urging Cane to calm down and focus on creating a game plan. Cane worries about Billy, wondering how he’s going to react to the eviction notice.