Thursday, December 15th

Thanks once more to my wonderful daughter Riley!

After taking time off to care for Christian, Nick finally returns to The Underground. As he walks in, he looks around the place, sliding his hands across the bar. Noah walks in holding a box full of alcoholic goods, surprised to see his father. Nick decides that with the new year around the corner, it’s time for a fresh start at the bar. Noah is in full support and playfully tells his father he can start by restocking the bar.

Victor, a man reborn, proposes bringing Christian to the stables after his nap. Nikki is amazed to see hes not off at Newman Enterprises, but says it would bw a good idea to spend more time with Christian. She acknowledges Victor’s change since Adam’s death.

Phyllis, also reborn, dyes her hair to dirty blonde and shows Summer. (Summer and I both share the same reaction, “Wow!”)

Billy walks into Brash and Sassy headquarters, watching as movers are packing up their supplies. Cane shifts through a clipboard of papers as if no one else were in the room with him. Billy tells Cane that they were going to find a solution, but Cane reveals that it was in fact Jack who sent the movers, not him.

Victoria finally meets with Jack at his office. Victoria’s approach is to try and reason with Jack, but quickly loses her temper when Jack tries to give himself credit for paying for the moving expenses.

As the stylist leaves, Summer and Phyllis excitedly chat about the new hair. Phyllis lets Summer know that she plans on leaving Jabot, though nothing is concrete. It finally dawns on Phyllis that she has to dust herself off and move on from all the drama. The attention shifts to Summer, Phyllis encouraging her to eat some cake. However, with all the drama circulating in Summer’s life, she isn’t too fond of celebrating what has been a long, tiring year. Phyllis suggests that the two go for dinner, to which Summer agrees.

Victoria refuses to leave until Jack gives them more time to find a new office space. As Billy suggested, Victoria also believes that Jack is evicting them to destroy the company, but Jack simply sees it as a way to expand for JabotGo. Victoria receives a phone call from Cane, who asks her to come to the office immediately.