Wednesday, December 14th

Billy follows Jack into his office, convinced that the eviction notice is a personal attack against him for sleeping with his wife. Jack says he is sympathetic with Victoria, not only over the fact that she’s about to lose her company, but because she continues to stay with Billy. Jack continues to stand by his previous statement that it is simply a business move, so Billy moves onto his next theory. Billy claims that Jack is afraid of the competition. Jack simply raises his brows at Billy, telling him to get out of his office, pack up his stuff. Billy continues to attack Jack, confident that the success of his business is what Jack is so intimidated of. Jack tries to contain himself, pouring a drink, but he eventually snaps saying that it was juvenile of him to act upon his feelings for Phyllis. Ashley walks in, preventing Billy and Jack from attacking each other any further. Billy leaves and Ashley learns the news of Brash and Sassy’s eviction.

Devon pleads with Mariah to host again, until he finds a permanent host but she is uninterested, still haunted by the fall. When she tries to walk out, she quickly changes her mind when Devon offers to double her pay as segment producer. The agreement is that she stays until the holidays, however she gets to wear whatever she wants on air.

Barry and Hilary meet again, discussing future opportunities for her, if she decides to leave GC Buzz permanently. Barry asks what her end game is, and she simply states that she wants to see her husband grovel.

Victoria and Cane finalize their plan and meet with Billy. Victoria picks up her phone to call someone, but Billy quickly swipes the phone from her hands when he sees Victors name on her screen.

Neil is surprised to see Devon drinking so early in the day, and asks how he can help.

Barry gives Hilary is card, telling her that whenever she is ready to get serious about her career, that she can call him. Barry has fulfilled his favor to Jack, so it is now up to Hilary if she would like to continue to work with Barry.

Ashely begins to question Jack’s motives, believing that his actions may truly be a personal vendetta against Billy, however Jack retains his position, though admitting he’d be more than happy to have Billy out of his life. Ashley concedes, confessing that it’s difficult to see her family at each other’s throats. Jack heads off to a meeting with Neil.