Thursday, December 15th

While Noah restocks the bar on his own, he and Nick discuss the company’s financial status. Nick is overwhelmed by how well the business has done under Noah’s leadership, “Karaoke Tuesdays, Open Night Mic” Nick says that he is happy that his life is beginning to go back on track, but Noah admits that he wishes his father’s relationship was better with his mother, especially for Faith. Nick argues that he is trying his best, and he is unable to just forgive Sharon and put a bow around it. Noah agrees that what she did was wrong, but it’s over with and Nick has Christian now. Noah still believes that his father is capable of forgiving his mother, but Nick believes that Sharon has gone too far to ever be forgiven.

Victor looks on at a picture of Adam, wishing he were still alive. He candidly blames himself for Adam’s death, saying he would’ve been safer behind bars. Nikki realizes that Victor hasn’t been going to NE because Adam is all Victor would be thinking of. Victor reflects on how when he created Newman Enterprises, he intended to build a legacy that his children would want to follow, but now nobody wants to take after him. Nikki agrees that Nick is definitely not interested, but Victoria surely would’ve been happy to take his place, had he not run her out of the company, and then there is Abby and Summer, who love working at Newman.

Cane, Billy and Victoria meet at Brash and Sassy and are quickly joined by Jack. Jack makes it evident at this point that he is playing stupid, although everyone in the room now knows that Jack’s attacks are truly personal.

Nikki and Summer exchange gifts: Summer giving her Grandmother a glass angel and Nikki giving Summer a jacket she once commented on. Nikki gives Summer a grandmother pep talk, telling her the sky is the limit.

Jack leaves the meeting unchanged, sticking to his decision. Victoria, Billy and Cane are left speechless and frustrated.

Phyllis comes to see Nick at The Underground, showing off her new look. Seeing as Summer wasn’t very excited about her birthday, Phyllis turns to Nick to throw her a party.