Friday, December 16th

OUR apologies. Riley had to work her real job last night so I didn’t get the spoiler til after midnight (unfortunately we’re early to bed, early to rise in Florida so I was asleep) See y’all Monday!!

Ashley races over to the elevator at Jabot before it closes. Victor’s hand stops the door and the two come face to face. Both shrug their shoulders and prepare for an uncomfortable elevator ride.

Jill, finally up to date with the drama at Brash and Sassy, goes on a rampage in Jack’s office. Jack is overly calm, tells Jill to stop being ridiculous, of course he is going to uphold the lease.

Billy cleans up the remnants from Victoria’s outburst on the lab equipment. Billy calls Victoria’s tantrum “nothing,” saying it needed to be had. Billy tries to get Victoria to say it felt good, and she admits that it actually felt great.

Back in the elevator, Victor asks Ashley to click the button for Brash and Sassy. During the elevator ride they discuss the eviction, Victor claiming that even he knows the difference between a move being business or personal. As they continue, another worker enters and Ashley reminds Victor of where they are, hinting that they should not be discussing Jack’s illegal move to destroy the lease.

Phyllis and Nick tidy up the bar together. Phyllis tells Nick he should go to Faith’s play so he doesn’t miss it, however Nick says he’s got plenty of time. Phyllis suggests that Nick can only handle so many ex wives at a time.

Dylan has to cancel his plan to go watch Faith’s play because work. Sharon is disappointed, but what choice does she have but to let him go? Before he goes, he helps Sharon finish wrapping gifts. Sharon asks Dylan what his new case has to do with. Though his boss would only give him limited information, it apparently has to do with undercover work. In a last ditch effort to try and get him to come to the play, Sharon guilt trips Dylan, then quickly apologizes for not being supportive. Dylan warns Sharon that he won’t be home very often for Christmas and New Years. Sharon and Dylan discuss possibly asking Nick if Faith could spend Christmas Day at their house, so the house won’t seem do empty without Dylan away at work.

Nikki searches for Dylan at the detective station.

Dylan convinces Sharon that Faith would be best spending Christmas at their house and would even be doing Nick a favor since he’s so busy between running the bar and taking care of Christian.

Jill, still in Jack’s office, aggressively scrolls through her phone searching for the number of a lawyer. Jack watches on with a sarcastic grin, then tells Jill that her case would be a loser, so she shouldn’t waste her time and money on lawyering up. Through gritted teeth, Jill mutters “Thank God there’s only one of you.” Ashley walks in, triggering Jill to lash out at her. Jill storms out, threatening to drag Jack to court. Jack doesn’t react, simply chewing on his cheek. Ashley asks how far Jack is going to take this situation and Jack smiles, asking why he would stop anytime soon.