Thursday, December 15th

After trying on the jacket, and thanking her grandparents, Summer leaves to finish her Christmas shopping. Nikki receives an invite via text message for her and Victor to attend Summer’s surprise party.

Brash and Sassy reconsider opening up at Newman Tower, however Billy would rather open up the company as a lemonade stand would.

The Underground, decorated with beach balls, palm trees and flamingo pool toys, is ready for guests to start arriving for Summer’s party. Victor and Noah agree to put their differences aside for Summer’s sake, and even enough so that Victor offers Noah his position back at Newman if he is ever interested. Phyllis and Victor finally see each other again, remaining cordial. Phyllis and Nick offer to send Summer anywhere in the world as their gift to her. The party goes over well, with a small cake fight and a different family dynamic that we’re not used to seeing. Everyone has smiles on their faces, including Victor and Summer more importantly.

On the flip side at Jabot, Victoria, Cane and Billy still argue on where to relocate. Billy wants to fight back, however Cane and Victoria agree that the company would be most benefited by moving to Newman Tower and enlightening Jill on what’s going on. Cane calls Billy out for sleeping with Phyllis and for being a liability to the company.

Jack is sitting at his computer when someone walks into his office, abruptly shutting the door. The camera rests on Jack, asking whoever walked in what took so long.

Billy and Cane continue to bicker. Victoria paces away slowly, visibly losing patience. In a heart skipping moment, she swings her arm across a table full of glass lab equipment, breaking each piece as they hit the floor. Billy silently walks over, holding her in an embrace.