Friday, December 16th

Billy’s pro tantrum pep talk progresses, him encouraging Victoria to break more things. Billy takes it upon himself to go first, throwing a test tube on the ground, shattering it. Next, he hands her a piece of equipment and she breaks it. The two laugh, continuing to break whatever was left from her first attack on the equipment. Each item they destroy represents someone who did something to create stress within their lives. Billy hands Victoria a large cylinder and she holds it out, hesitant to break such a large container. They are caught off guard by Victor walking in, causing her to drop the cylinder. Jill also walks in, shocked to see the mess. Victor doesn’t care for the mess, and is simply there to offer Victoria office space at Newman Tower. Billy and Jill are against the offer, certain that they will find a way to keep their space at Jabot. Victor tells Billy that he should leave the company if he really wants Brash and Sassy to have a future in Jabot Tower.

Phyllis is anxious to go back to Jabot, wondering what will happen when she sees Jack. The conversation shifts to Christian and then Sharon. Phyllis against her better judgement gives credit to Dylan and Sharon for how well they cared for Christian while they had him. Her comment surprises Nick.

Nikki asks Paul, Dylan’s boss, if Dylan is avoiding her. Paul admits that he can’t speak for Dylan himself, but he says that he can’t imagine what he is going through right now, after losing Christian to Nikki’s other son. Just after Nikki leaves, Dylan arrives, purposely avoiding her. Dylan tells Paul that his mother chose Nick over him, so he is having difficulty dealing with that.

At Faith’s play Sharon tries to ask Nick about spending Christmas with Faith, however he cuts her off, assuming that she’s going to ask for more time with Christian. Before she gets the time to finish her question, Faith interupts.

Billy and Victoria finish cleaning the mess, while Victor offers up some business advice to Jill, “get rid of Billy Boy.” Jill dismisses Victor’s advice, holding up a folder that contains the solution to their problem. Victor leaves go to Faith’s play. Jill walks back over to Billy and Victoria announcing that playtime is over.

Ashley presents Brash and Sassy’s lease to Jack to highlight how out of line he is. Jack emphasizes that contracts are meant to be broken – apparently. – Jack finally slams his palms down on his table, confident that he knows what he’s doing. Jack finally admits that it’s Billy that he doesn’t trust, which is exactly why Brash and Sassy cannot thrive under the same roof as JabotGo. Phyllis stands in the doorframe, intending to deliver her marketing report to Jack. On her way out, Ashley points out her hair. Phyllis doesn’t say much, just looking over to Jack, then leaving. Ashley is unimpressed knowing full well that Phyllis is trying to keep Jack wrapped around her finger. Jack agrees, annoyed that Ashley even mentioned her hair colour. Jack tells Ashley not to engage with Phyllis and orders the conversion to be continued over dinner.

Dylan sits at his desk, thinking back to a recent conversation with Sharon, stating that he is not a Newman and will not be prioritized like Nick and Victoria are. Paul rips the case study from Dylan, saying Dylan isn’t prepared to focus with everything that’s going on in his personal life. In his office, Paul tells Dylan that he is a part of Nikki’s family, just as much as the others. Dylan disagrees, saying that he just wants to focus on his family with Sharon. Because of this, Paul decides that the case can wait and orders Dylan to go watch Faith’s play.