Friday, December 16th

Nikki and Victor arrive to the play, and Nikki asks Sharon if Dylan is coming. The conversation turns into back and forth bickering, both women throwing low blows. Victor, Nick and Faith talk about the performance on the other side of the room. Victor gives Faith a pep talk, easing her nerves.

At the dinner, Ashley agrees to put aside the Brash and Sassy drama so they can focus on other, more important events.

After sharing some market strategies, Jill, Victoria and Billy get on the same page about how critical the next few weeks will be for the company. Jill tells them to bring Cane up to speed and brainstorm how to take down Jack.

Dylan watches Faith’s play and brings her flowers after the show. Sharon congratulates her after the performance. Faith tells Victor that his pep talk worked and she hugs Nikki. Nick apologizes for being so aggressive towards Sharon before the performance. Dylan and Sharon ask to spend Christmas day with Faith, and Nick says absolutely not.

Victoria regrets breaking the equipment and expresses her frustration to Billy. She calls Billy’s methods of dealing with anger childish and says she’s a professional.

Ashley confronts Jack about morphing into someone he’s not. She sees what power and competition have done to Jack. Jack sees his decisions as what is best for the company, and says he does not want to be treated like a doormat anymore. Ashley says the bitterness Jack feels is going to eat him up and leaves Jack’s office.

Nick and Sharon both try to rationalize their opinions. Nick says it’s insensitive for them to ask for him to give up Faith for her entire winter break, but Dylan says it’s what is best for Faith at this point in time. Nick defends the custody agreement, however Sharon says she isn’t trying to change the agreement in any way. Faith overhears the conversation and runs over in tears, ordering them to stop fighting. In a harsh tone she asks why they always ruin everything. Faith throws the flowers Dylan gave her onto the floor and declares that she wants a divorce. Victor and Nikki come behind her, patting her back, trying to comfort her.