Monday, December 19th

I’m back from Florida and trying to adjust from the sun to the snow; 2 feet of it. I’m a bit backed up but will get to my email inbox as soon as possible (and I haven’t forgotten you Ella!) Thanks once more to Riley for being such a good chip off the old block.

Go away! Faith shrieks, then sits crying in her room – as Sharon pleads with her to open the door so that they can talk about what happened at the play tonight. She won’t even talk to me, Sharon goes downstairs to whine to Dylan; who blames Nick for the incident and not putting Faith first.

What the hell is her problem?! Nick grunts about Sharon ruining Faith’s night by demanding the visitation schedule be changed just before Christmas. Nikki’s agrees – and is sure Sharon WILL try to ‘pull something’ with Faith. Nick assumes his Dad will have lawyers all over this. Surprisingly, Victor doesn’t think that the way to go this time.

At the station, Chris and Paul discuss an important case. Someone needs to go deep undercover to infiltrate the organization. It’s dangerous and requires dedication. Yes, Paul’s sure Dylan’s up for the challenge. You got a problem with that? Yeah, and Chris wonders why Paul doesn’t.

Ending a call, the ever-busy Mike joins Jill at the club – so, you need legal advice? What Jill needs is a ruthless bastard – can you help me? Drink please! Mike clearly needs a waiter to deliver alcohol NOW.

At home, neither Sharon or Dylan want to push Nick but he’s so damn touchy these days. Let’s just let Faith stay with him for the holidays. Au contraire – Dylan thinks Sharon should file for sole custody. It’s time for Nick to realize that Faith must come first.

Back at the main house, Victor thinks it a mistake to involve lawyers right off the bat. A custody battle isn’t good for Faith. When Nick worries Dylan and Sharon are turning Faith against him, Nikki’s quick to say that Dylan wouldn’t do that. Nick wants stability for Faith. And that’s why Victor wants to go about it another way.

Chris worries about Dylan’s frame of mind. He’s had more than a ‘rough couple of weeks’. These are dangerous criminals and Dylan’s never gone undercover. Paul trusts Dylan. But can you live with throwing your son in harms’ way? Chris asks – as Lauren interrupts. Oh, am I early? she’s surprised.

Clever wording and vague language – but it’s pretty straightforward, Mike declares Jill’s lease with Jabot valid (unless there’s more to it) Could Jack prove that Chancellor’s in breach? Nope – Brash n Sassy have been ideal tenants. This is purely a vendetta against Billy – Jack’s just pissed because his brother slept with his wife. Mike wonders if this is a fight Jill really wants to have.