Monday, December 19th

Still at the station, Chris ducks out texting. Lauren waits for Mike (who was supposed to be there by 6) Paul has a chance to ask Lauren how business really is. If she survived Paul’s Mother (and all Mary’s sauerkraut and spare ribs) she’ll survive this. Kidding aside, Paul wants to know what’s really going on with Fenmore’s.

Back at the main house, Nikki agrees with Victor – we must think of Faith. She loves you (Nick) more than her Mother. She chose to live with YOU. If you attack Sharon, she becomes the victim. Victor’s sure that Faith will always come back here – who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with the Newmans? Nick suddenly decides to go get his daughter! (too bad she’s already packed her backpack, dumped a tub of lego and run away from Sharon’s)

Mike wonders how well BnS will perform in enemy territory, once Jack turns that building into a battle zone. Jack’s offered to pay for relocation – there must be other office space in town. Not with a state of the art R&D lab, Jill argues. We paid rent on time and even hired a guard/babysitter for Billy. Needing to go meet Lauren, Mike confides that Fenmore’s is in some sort of crisis.

It’s been a challenging year, Lauren doesn’t want to bore Paul – a good Christmas will turn it all around. No, she hasn’t bothered Mike with it. Chris returns to find Paul holding Lauren’s hand. Lauren then leaves to meet with her regional manager. She’ll see the Williams and Mike at the club.

As Dylan goes upstairs to talk to Faith, Sharon flashes back to tender step-daughter/father moments. Nick bangs on the front door; there to get Faith. As they argue loudly, Dylan lets himself into Faith’s locked room. She’s not up there! he quickly comes down to alarm Nick and Sharon.

Chris asks Paul what’s going on with Lauren. Things are rocky at Fenmore’s, he explains that she’s dealing with a lot and won’t talk to Mike (who then arrives, starved and wondering where Lauren is)

At the club, Jill comments to Lauren that Andrew (Fenmore’s regional manager) didn’t look too happy when he left. Jack’s on the warpath, she warns – then fishes for info on problems with Fenmore’s. Nothing for you to worry about, Lauren’s curt.