Monday, December 19th

Nick and the McAvoy’s arrive at the main house to announce that Faith climbed down the lattice. Victor makes a call to security – Nick accuses Sharon – Dylan defends his wife – Nikki defends her son. Sharon and Nick argue about her trying to change the visitation schedule. There’s a little girl out there in the cold! Nikki sends everyone out to search.

As partial owner, Jill has a right to know what’s going on at Fenmore’s. You have no idea what I’m up against, Lauren snaps. Jill asks about the sales numbers – Fenmore’s online presence is a mess (but she’s not attacking Lauren) I don’t need your help, or anyone else’s! Lauren marches out.

Returning to the main house, Dylan argues with Nick – that little girl needs her Mother but you made her the enemy. Stop it! Nikki orders both her sons.

Victor finds Faith crying/hiding in the stables. It’s OK sweetheart, he soothes.

Still at the club, Lauren’s alarmed – what about Denver and Pheonix? How can we be down 17%!? What about Charlotte and the South East? Overloaded with inventory? OK – we’ll have to mark it down and hope to move it next quarter. Thanks – I know you’re doing the best you can, Lauren hangs up.

As Lauren meets her dinner companions, the William’s good-naturedly grumble about Mike’s insufferable boasting about his wonderful wife. Jill watches as Lauren forces a smile and hides her stress.

Still in the stables, Victor coos to Faith – of course he’s not mad at her. No, she doesn’t have to go in right now.

Nikki scolds the sons she loves – we need to focus on what’s important right now. As Sharon returns, Nikki gets a call from Victor. Faith is fine and with her Grandpa. As Nikki goes to make tea, Sharon asks if she needs help. No, I can manage, Nikki’s cool but civil. What are we doing? Nick sounds frustrated.

In the stable, Victor wraps a blanket around Faith and cuddles her. You’re safe now OK – you’re with Grandpa.

Next: Come on, let’s open it up, Lauren urges Mike. The lid suddenly launches off the gift box. Out pops Gloria – deck the halls everybody! The Baldwin’s are …stunned … Victor now has Faith at the main house (with Nick and Sharon) Sweetheart, I told both your parents that you’d like to make up your mind where you want to stay.