Tuesday, December 20th

Victor finds Nikki sniffling as she puts a gift under the tree; a gift she pre-ordered and had wrapped and tagged for Sully. Yes, Christian is here but she worries about poor Faith. Victor talks about their time in the stables last night. Nikki’s glad Victor was there for her – but it’s the day before Christmas, someone won’t be happy.

At Underground, Nick tells Noah that Faith’s being babysat by Amy at the ranch. He’ll pick her up to spend Christmas Eve later. Noah’s not happy to hear Sharon’s being cut out – Faith needs both her parents. He knows what it’s like to have parents at each other’s throats.

Dylan joins Sharon as she mopes in Faith’s bedroom. Yes, she’s safe, but she’s hurting. Dylan reassures Sharon that Faith won’t stay away forever. Sharon weeps – we’ve lost our son and now Faith might leave us too.

Ester’s entertaining Bella and Chloe with talk of healthy eating when Kevin arrives at CL’s. She’s using the oven because hers is on the fritz. No, Ester doesn’t work at CL’s anymore – she’s going back to live and work at the Chancellor Estate (which will be fun for Bella) This is for us – and Mrs C. Chloe declares Ester a great grandmother and Mother.

At home, a delighted Lauren ends a call and updates Mike that sales are picking up. Seeing a big gift box has been delivered, they decide to open it. The lid pops off as Gloria appears to strike a pose – deck the halls everybody! Gloria’s back!

The Baldwin’s look gobsmacked. This.. this… is quite a surprise. Of course the ‘limber’ Gloria’s here for Christmas – her sons are her life. As she goes to repair her hair, the shocked Baldwin’s worry that the doorbell might be Jeffrey in a box! Kevin walks in with Bella and Chloe (also stunned to see Gloria) That precious little dumpling in your arms looks just like you, she gushes at Kevin.

Sharon whines about Nick, Victor and Nikki conspiring against them to keep Faith over Christmas – they always win. Not this time – you have me, Dylan reassures.

Back at Underground, Nick remembers being caught in the middle of his parents growing up. Yeah, Noah also wanted to divorce his parents to escape the drama. Nick won’t let Faith experience that – but what can he do? Noah suggests Nick and Sharon find a way to get on the same page – for Faith.

Victor won’t let anyone ruin Faith’s Christmas – even Nick bears some responsibility. Faith shouldn’t have to choose between her parents. This kind of thing doesn’t just fade away. When Faith joins them, Victor offers a pony ride. Or you can go home, Nikki would understand. Which home would I go to? Faith frowns.