Tuesday, December 20th

Continuing to decorate the house, Sharon wonders how Faith can wrap her head around her lying to Nick about Christian. Victor and Nikki will do anything to shut me out of Faith’s life, she fears they’ll take her to court. Talk to Nick, Dylan suggests, knowing it won’t be easy. And as excuses himself to take a call, Sharon heads for the door – and finds Nick there.

Gloria taunts Chloe – are you out of the facility on a pass? Kevin defends Chloe – all is forgiven – she’s been out for six months and everything’s back to normal. Oh so Chloe WAS here when Adam was blown up. IN response, Chloe reminds Gloria about the face cream fiasco that sent HER to prison. Mike brings over a bottle of vodka and Kevin REALLY hopes Ester arrives soon. As Chloe goes to tend to Bella, Gloria vows to get that woman and her child out of Kevin’s hair forever.

Mike serves drinks (with not nearly enough booze) Across the room, Gloria continues to badger Kevin about Chloe. If you can’t treat her with respect, don’t torture her, Kevin orders and heads for the booze) Of course, Gloria then wastes no time asking Chloe whose child she’s trying to foist off on Kevin.

Now inside, Nick tells Sharon that they can’t do to Faith what they did to Noah. Though do I not have reason to be upset? Right, it’s all my fault, Sharon snaps. Yes, Nick does think Faith should be with him. And yes, Sharon thinks Faith should be with her. But both realize they must do what’s best for Faith.

Victor and Faith are at the stables after their ride. Can we sleep here again tonight? Faith doesn’t want to hear her parents fight again. Parents make mistakes but they both love you, Victor says this matter shouldn’t be decided in court (Faith’s friend got to tell the Judge where she wanted to live)

Nikki’s happy when Nick and the McAvoy’s arrive to say they’ve come to an understanding. Victor comes in to inform that Faith’s at the stables and no, Sharon shouldn’t go see her. We’ve come up with a schedule so Faith doesn’t have to choose, Nick announces. Victor wonders if they’ve considered letting Faith decide what she wants.

As Ester arrives at the Baldwins with home baked goods, Chloe and Gloria continue to spar. Mommy’s back cupcake – I’ve got my eye on you, Glo has the last word and flounces off.