Tuesday, December 20th

Victor assures both Nick and Sharon that he didn’t say anything to Faith – he listened as she talked about her friend Haley being allowed to choose where she wants to live. Faith needs security and predictability. Nikki is the only one to defend Victor – until Noah arrives to say that they should listen to what Faith wants. Faith now appears – she knows what she wants but doesn’t know if they’ll let her do it.

Gloria doesn’t want to hear the name Jeffrey ever again – she left the leathery gasbag at a racetrack in France. Isn’t it wonderful to see Kevin and Chloe together again? Ester smiles. Yes, every mother wants to see her son with a lunatic, Glo huffs. Ester doesn’t like her tone. As Chloe, Ester and Kevin walk off, Gloria blasts Mike for not protecting Kevin (which she’ll now have to do – by finding out who the Father of that child is) Things are going well, Lauren jokes – as Mike pours a full bottle into the punch bowl.

Nick and Sharon both apologize to Faith – and here’s a schedule so there’s nothing to argue about. Faith turns her nose up at the ‘back and forth’. Noah knows how she feels – tell them what you need. I’ll do my best to make them listen. This schedule isn’t what I want, Faith hands it back. I don’t want to live with Mommy or Daddy – I want to stay here with Grandma and Grandpa. Nikki looks stunned – Victor delighted.

Nick, Sharon and Dylan don’t look too happy (but claim they’re just surprised) Did Faith make this decision herself? Victor denies he knew or said anything (which Faith confirms) We’re your parents, Sharon won’t agree to this. Faith realizes she hasn’t even asked her grandparents yet. But of course it’s OK. Nick and Sharon will go get her things. They just want Faith to be happy. I will be – here. Nick and the McAvoys are clearly devastated.

Next: Gloria tells Mike and Lauren that she’ll stay with them as long as they’ll have her … You’re really to the point that you’re ready to walk away, Jack realizes. You were right, Phyllis confirms – it’s what’s best for both of us…. Just stay long enough to spend some time with your sisters on Christmas Eve, Traci implores of Billy (as Ashley smiles too)

My Thoughts: The Baldwins should really have a chat with their building’s security – there’s no way Gloria should have been let into the apartment (and I doubt she mailed herself) But yes, Gloria IS ‘perishable’ and her expiry date is long past. That box doesn’t just reek havoc on her hair, it probably reeks (of cheap perfume) I was excited to hear that Gloria was coming back, but I was hoping for more comic relief than hypocritical attacks on Chloe …. It’s Gloria’s ‘tone’ that Ester doesn’t like? Not that she called Chloe a ‘lunatic’? And where was the protective Mother when Mike was battling cancer and separated from Lauren? (odd that she’s furious at Chloe for breaking Kevin’s heart but has nothing to say about Lauren’s cheating) … The little actress who plays Bella had the perfect expression when eyeballing Gloria…. Faith should get tired of living at the main house in no time. Victor’s barely there and if she wants to see Christian, she’d have to go to Nick’s … Sharon feels an ache when Faith’s gone? She didn’t seem to be aching too badly when she was living with that vet for months (or any of the other times she’s gone AWOL) .. So wait – Jill’s putting 100% effort into mending Billy and Vikki’s non-existent relationship while putting zero effort into her own relationship with Collin?