Wednesday, December 21st

I’m a little pressed for time today so please excuse any typos and grammatical blunders.

The Hamilton’s are preparing for their first Christmas in their new place (Hilary can’t call the penthouse ‘home’ and is determined to pursue a dynamic career) Wondering if she plans to go to LA or NY, Devon wants Hilary back at GC Buzz. You’ll have to talk to my agent, she grins mischievously.

At the club’s, Jack’s impressed with Barry’s generous donation to the foundation and appreciates him helping Hilary (whose career could really take off) Lily comes along to say she’s happy to help with the benefit next week (even if it won’t be at the club) Giving Barry the evil eye, she trots off as Jack tells Barry that he’ll be spending New Year’s at home with his family (then practically drools as Phyllis takes a seat at the bar)

Lugging gift bags into CL’s, Jill’s furious to hear that Billy won’t be seeing the kids until tomorrow (Vikki has them Christmas Eve) Billy may be fine with being alone tonight – Jill is NOT.

Trying to get into a festive mood, the Abbott sisters mention Abby spending the evening with the Newmans, Billy not being invited – and Jack’s latest business moves (attacks on Billy and going after Fenmore’s) With a peppy quote of John’s, both sound like toddlers as they simper ‘I love you Daddy’ to a framed photo of John.

Ending a call with Fen, Gloria tells Mike not to be silly – she’s not staying at a hotel. She’ll be staying with him and Lauren as long as they’ll have her.

Her invitation to come to Devon’s gathering declined, Jill doesn’t think Billy should spend Christmas Eve with Jack – how about Traci? She and Ashley already reached out to him but Billy won’t make them choose sides.

Jack says hello to Phyllis at the bar – not with Summer tonight? No, she’s in Belize with friends (a birthday gift from her and Nick) When Jack recalls the family surprising them at the cabin last year, Phyllis doesn’t see the sense in looking back – we’ve moved on.

An ever so friendly Lily introduces herself to Barry as Hilary’s sister in law. Yes, he’s her agent (and remembers Lily was a model) Pretending to be a big fan of Hilary’s, Lily wonders what plans Barry has to make her sister in law a big star.

Despite not wanting to argue right before the family arrives, Hilary and Devon do so anyway. Hilary wants to be seen as her own person, not just Devon’s wife. She wants to be on a show people will watch – a show that’s MINE. Hilary needs a title and a salary that reflects her value and merit. THAT’S what it’ll take for Devon to keep Hilary at GC Buzz.