Wednesday, December 21st

Is it OK if Gloria stays with us? Mike asks Lauren. Of course it is, Gloria interrupts. Honey? Lauren nudges Mike – who says Gloria can stay in Fen’s room. And what are we going to do about THAT? Glo glares across the room at Chloe, Kevin and Bella. The Baldwins support the relationship.

Enjoying dessert, Barry tells Lily that Hilary would kill on cable – but it seems she doesn’t have plans to make any serious moves anytime soon. She was just making a point with her husband. So there weren’t really a lot of offers, Lily realizes. Yes, Hilary must love her husband a lot, Barry concludes.

Devon agrees to every one of Hilary’s stipulations – but no more creative editing or slander. Hilary gives Devon her word – and a kiss (which is interrupted by the doorbell) Neil arrives with gifts, pleased to see the Hamilton’s are in the holiday spirit.

Have a nice holiday, see you next week, Jack tells Phyllis at the revolving door. She knows he’s going to fire her at some point and is excited about her new project and is NOT excited about working at Jabot. Yes, Phyllis IS ready to walk away – it’s what’s best for both of us. Both look up at mistletoe. Merry Christmas – Phyllis moves on (literally and figuratively) leaving Jack all alone.

Mrs Martinez laughs at the sight of Traci and Ashley dancing then retreats back to the kitchen. Billy drops by (staying to enjoy baked treats upon hearing that Jack’s not home) Mrs Martinez reappears to accept a gift from Billy (which sends her running off in tears) Handing one another wrapped gifts, Traci pleads for Billy to stay and spend some time with his sisters on Christmas Eve.

Lauren and Chloe joke – is Chloe worse off for being hated by Gloria (or Lauren who’s getting her for a roommate)? Mike plays with Bella as he chats with Kevin – who knew they’d end up on the side of law and order? They also discuss Gloria – hopefully she’ll come around (after all, Chloe’s been honest with Kevin)

Jill admires the Hamilton’s penthouse – then takes a verbal jab at Hilary (who then boasts that Devon bought the entire building) Lily arrives to be greeted by Cane and the kids (and glare at Hilary)

Billy loves his gift (a new watch) He and his sisters reminisce about fantastic Christmas memories of when he was a kid. When Jack arrives, the brothers stare at one another.

You’re not welcome here, Jack snarls. Billy explains that he just brought some gifts over. Can’t we manage a few hours as a family on Christmas Eve? the sisters plead. Not thinking that possible, Billy bids his sisters goodbye and leaves them to scowl at Jack – don’t you have anything to say for yourself!? Ignoring them, Jack tells Mrs Martinez that something smells amazing.