Thursday, December 22nd

Nick and Chelsea have brought their young sons to the park (before heading to the ranch; as is Newman tradition) Chelsea reassures Nick that Faith will come around.

Tracking Santa online, Faith informs her Grandpa that it’s already Christmas in Australia. Nikki’s on the phone with Paul (trying to convince him to get Dylan to come to the ranch) Victor understands that she’d like to spend Christmas Eve with both her sons.

Dylan finds Sharon packing away stockings (Faith’s on top of Sully’s) Christmas just isn’t the same without kids in the house.

Vikki finally manages to get the kids out of CL’s (both are giggling and evading her grasp)

Jill’s now home to scold Billy for being cynical (feet up, he’s drinking beer and watching TV) – you belong with your kids tonight. Speaking of that, Billy’s hoping for at Christmas miracle.

Lily insists she’s telling the truth – Hilary lied about job offers to get rehired at GC Buzz. Looking across the room, Devon doesn’t know what to believe.

After the Ashby’s and Neil leave, Hilary blathers on about the evening going so well – the penthouse is great for entertaining – we can invite the elite over. Devon shuts her down.

Noah’s brought Abby over to the ranch. Santa’s in Tanzania, Faith informs with another ‘fun fact’ (then runs off) Nikki believes Faith’s stay is temporary. Victor’s door is always open (and that applies to Noah coming back to NE too) Noah enjoys pouring drinks – in fact he’s going to pour some right now. He tells Abby that he likes helping his Dad out. Chelsea and Nick arrive. All are thrilled with Connor’s well rehearsed ‘Merry Christmas’ but Nick’s not thrilled to hear Dylan might be coming (if Nikki has her way)

Paul’s at the McAvoy’s, trying to persuade them to come with him to the main house. Not happening – Dylan won’t budge.

Back at the ranch, all gather to hear Faith’s fun facts – then greet Vikki and the kids. Victor will now read a Christmas story for everyone.