Wednesday, December 21st

Letting Phyllis in, Mike compliments her new hairdo. As Lauren joins in the chit chat, Gloria thinks she should change her hair too. Which man did you wash out of your hair? Jack or Billy? With Kevin and Bella, Chloe gushes about cherishing these moments. In the kitchen, Phyllis tells Lauren that she can only speed up their project if she leaves Jabot for Fenmore’s. Ecstatic, Lauren gives her new employee a hug.

Kevin and Gloria have a quiet chat about everyone’s favourite unwed Mother. Kevin loves Bella like his own (which makes Gloria her grandmother) But you don’t even know who her Father is. Chloe tells Kevin to stop wasting his breath – Bella has a grandmother who loves her; Ester.

Lily tells Cane she is NOT jealous of Hilary but will NOT forget what she’s done to this family. Lily and Cane won’t let the twins open their gifts – but Grandma Jill’s can be opened Christmas Eve. When Neil asks Hilary if she’ll still help with the foundation (since she’s got an agent now) Devon makes an announcement; Hilary’s coming back to GC Buzz as host and executive producer. Everyone smiles except Lily.

Aside, Chloe tells Kevin that she won’t let Gloria look down on her. In Mike’s arms, Bella gives Gloria a candy cane. Thank you sweetie, Gloria manages. Bella’s shown us the true meaning of Christmas, Mike loudly wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. All clink glasses.

Lily corners Devon to let him know that Hilary played him yet again. There were no other job offers – Barry told me everything. Hilary wasn’t going anywhere, she just wanted to make you grovel. Devon doesn’t look happy.

In the Abbott dining room, Jack knows he makes things difficult for the sisters he loves so much. We love you too Jack. As Traci leads the prayer, we see Billy arrive at the club to sit alone and lonely at the bar.

Next: Nick (holding Christian) and Chelsea are leaving the ranch. Merry Christmas, Connor tells Victor (who returns the sentiment) … You belong with your kids, Jill tells Billy. He was hoping for a Christmas miracle… All gather to hear a caroler sing at Chancellor Park.