Thursday, December 22nd

No need to apologize, Sharon and Dylan think Mariah better go deliver her gifts at the main house. I love you, Sharon gives a weepy hug. We’ll hang out tomorrow, Mariah promises. Now alone, Sharon knows Dylan’s upset. He’s here with us – Sully, our son. Sharon has a confession to make.

Victor gives Nikki a kiss – he knows she wishes Dylan was there (as he wishes Adam was there) Victor and Chelsea then have a moment of shared grief.

When Vikki arrives at the park, she smiles as the kids run to Billy.

Mariah’s now at the main house to give Faith a gift. Victor gives the OK for everyone to open gifts (though almost everyone’s gone) There’s no star at the top of the tree, Faith notices. Flashing back to helping Nick as a boy do the honours, he tells Nick to lift Faith up. All applaud then attack gifts. Nikki quietly gives Nick his – an ornament with Christian’s name on it. Hugs and I love you’s are exchanged.

Sharon’s confession is that she held onto one photo of Christian. Dylan pulls one out of his wallet – I did too ~hug~

Snow falls as all gather in the park to hear Oh Christmas Tree being sung. As Nick leaves the ranch, Faith (sitting between her grandparents) doesn’t even acknowledge his kiss atop her head. Dylan and Sharon are overcome with emotion when Nick brings Christian over. At the park, all now join in to sing.

Next: Nikki sets Sharon straight – Nick made a beautiful gesture, one I’m sure will help he and his brother get closer together … At CL’s, Nick sets Dylan straight – that was a one shot deal, not an invitation to change the rules …. Excuse me – you’re in my chair, Hilary snarls at Mariah.