Thursday, December 22nd

Billy’s noticed that Vikki’s pulling away. No, he’s not imagining it. Do something for God’s sake, Jill wants Billy to make a grand romantic gesture. Billy appreciates the relationship they DO have (for the kids) He’s content with friendship. The Christmas miracle Billy wants (and gets) is for Jill to stop meddling.

Martini in hand, Vikki and Nick whine about being overwhelmed with their kids. At least you can count on Billy, Nick points out.

Why is Devon in such a mood? Confronted with her lies (about job offers) Hilary’s scolded. You lied to me. I trusted you. No, you’ve never trusted me, Hilary disagrees.

Hilary doesn’t like that Devon has full control – she didn’t even get a choice in buying this home? I don’t feel equal. How can Devon trust Hilary when she lies and manipulates. She understands Devon’s trust issues but loves him so much. I’m fighting for us. How can you not see that? Devon sees it – lying is not the answer ~hug~

Kisa and adults alike listen to Victor’s reading. Letting Paul is, Nikki’s disappointed to hear that Dylan won’t be coming.

Mariah comes home to wonder where Christmas went. Faith won’t be here, Sharon explains. Mariah works overtime to try restore a festive mood with Christmas music and presents; Sharon’s favourite face cream and a head lamp for Dylan. Sharon then spots a gift that’s half fallen out of Mariah’s bag (oops. It’s obviously for Christian)

Jill (with Billy) is delighted to see everyone at the park dressed ‘straight out of Dickens’) And there’s the Ashby’s. As Jill chats with them, Cane comes over to shake Billy’s hand.