Friday, December 23rd

Nick and Christian are at Top of the Tower (Christian wearing his new ‘Newman Enterprises’ T-shirt; one of ‘MANY gifts’) Nikki and Victor share their favourite moments of Christmas Eve (Nikki’s being when Nick took Christian over to see Dylan – it could be a new beginning for you and your brother)

Sharon welcomes Dylan back from his run with a kiss. Yes, she’s in a good mood – hopeful, happy even (thanks to Nick bringing Christian over) Yeah, it was great, Dylan agrees without enthusiasm – til they left.

Mariah arrives at GC Buzz to chat with Theo (who shows her rave reviews online) As he goes to fetch a rundown of today’s show, Mariah smiles at her reviews.

Jack and Hilary meet at CL’s to discuss the Foundation’s New Year’s Eve benefit. Neil’s picked a great spot (which Hilary takes credit for suggesting) How are things with Barry? Jack wonders (not surprised that the agent was impressed by her) Hilary will just say that Christmas came early this year.

At the club, Lily can’t believe that Devon let Hilary off the hook (for lying about the job offers) We talked it out – Devon even credits Lily for giving him and Hilary a great Christmas present (which does NOT make her happy)

This is incredible! ‘Call-me-Ashley’ (in Jack’s office) is ever so grateful that Ravi worked around the clock to improve the app (and will continue to make any revisions she wants) You’re the best, she makes his day.

One day this will all be yours, Victor tells Christian to grow up fast (holding his ‘heir apparent’ he looks out the window) Still seated, Nikki wonders what Victor’s whispering to Christian. Handing over the keys to the kingdom, Nick guesses. When Nikki asks how Dylan reacted to the Christmas Eve visit, Nick’s quick to imply that it won’t happen again. Nick has big plans for his little boy.

Back at Sharon’s Dylan’s not as thrilled with ‘Sully’s’ visit. ‘Christian’, Sharon reminds – and it’s not about upsetting Nick, it’s about what’s best for Christian. With a quick kiss, Dylan needs to get to work. You’re OK, right? Sharon’s concerned. Yeah, great, Dylan lies and quickly exits.

At CL’s, Jack and Hilary toast to everything going so well – her marriage – the foundation’s benefit. Hilary will handle the teleprompter etc. and talk to Ashley about promoting JabotGo. Jack’s happy to be working together as a team – the way it should be.

Lily’s disappointed that Devon’s eyes are not open to who his wife is. Devon knows who Hilary is – and wonders why Lily wants him to be alone and miserable. This isn’t about me – it’s about Hilary. Get over it. Yes, Devon’s bothered that Hilary lied to him – but we worked it out. This is MY life. When Neil comes along, Devon leaves to meet his wife.